25 Vape Blogs You Should Bookmark Today

Here is our pick of 25 Vape Blogs You Should Bookmark Today! As with any cultural trend the Internet has come alive with a smorgasbord of blog postings claiming to know the hottest new vape on the market or the best e-liquid for the cloudiest vaping experience. Unfortunately along with the quality information there is also a lot of fluff out there. We have poured through a variety of blogs in order to give you the top info out there. Take a look and keep tabs on the ones that interest you! 

  1. Vapor4Life

http://www.vapor4life.com/blog This one is the largest and quite possibly the most popular vaping sites. It covers a wide range of topics from the more political stuff to day-to-day tips and tricks of the vaping trade. This is certainly one to bookmark for go-to information.

  1. VaporVanity

http://www.vaporvanity.com/ This site focuses mostly on reviews in order to keep up to date on the latest political news around vaping and vaping trends this is the site to hit. Subscribe to this site to have newletters delivered directly to your mailbox. Simple and direct this is another one you will visit regularly.

  1. VapingPoint

http://vapingpoint.blogspot.co.uk/ Liz, a grandmother, offers an innocative and provocative perspective through the articles she posts on this site. She could certainly be considered an advocate when it comes to vaping and her information offers a thorough analysis of all the issues pertaining to e-cigarettes.

  1. VapersVoice

http://vapersvoice.net/ This site is a blog for vapers and by vapers. It is new to the scene but it is a great resource for anything pertaining to vaping. A variety of enthusiasts from across the work contribute to this site, which makes it a wonderful source for those who want to find ut anything and everything to do with vaping.

  1. VapingLinks

https://vapinglinks.wordpress.com/ This website offers personal insight into the transition from cigarette smoking to vaping through the stories of an ex-smoker and vape advocate hailing from Ohio. The website offers a thorough supply of information while also providing a personal touch.

  1. ECF

https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blog-list/ Yes, you’re right this is a forum. But! The link provided here places you right in the forum section where people write blog posts. See a variety of posts from people from all over.

  1. TheHappyVaper

http://wp.thehappyvaper.com/ Written by a vaping advocate who quit smoking in 2010 and never looked back this website is another that offers a personal perspective and a quality analysis pertaining to vaping.

  1. VaporJoes

http://vaporjoe.blogspot.co.uk/ This is a fantastic blog and the sheer amount of followers for Vapor Joe reflects his popularity. You can also visit his blog for discount codes and coupons!

  1. American Vaping Association

http://vaping.info/news This is a blog for all serious vapers. The AVA advocates for the vaping industry and promotes the vaping business. The website provides information, education and research on the industry.

  1. GuideToVaping

http://guidetovaping.com/category/vape-blog/ This website offers regular posts on news, reviews and vaping events. There is always something interesting on this site, as they are familiar with all up and coming information.

  1. VapingMilitia

http://thevapingmilitia.org/blog/ Advocacy is huge in the vaping world and this is a great site to access information pertaining to support efforts in the US. There are also some great webcasts here that offer a different perspective to those looking to become more engaged in activism.

  1. TassieVapes

http://tassievapes.com.au/blog/ This is an Australia site that makes an effort to target the slow moving vaping market in Australia. A wonderful website for the growing audience in that continent.

  1. VaperClub

https://vapeclubmy.com/blog/Vape Club International is an amazing site for those who love to travel with their vape. It offers advice to people whom backpack, and other restrictions pertaining to laws around the world. Reviews and info-graphics are also a main feature of this resource.

  1. DrVapeIt

http://drvapeit.com/blog/ It can be helpful when you’re transitioning from cigarettes to vaping to have the opinion of a medical professional. Check out this website for just that.

  1. FactsDoMatter

http://factsdomatter.co.uk/ For one of the most articulate and well-written blogs out there check out this UK site. This site provides a lot of opinions in a well-documented style.

  1. SteveK

http://stevevape.com/ Steve K has become a small online celebrity due to his commitment to bringing news about safe vaping to the online community. Check him out for more information on the dos and don’ts of vaping.

  1. SpinFuel

https://spinfuel.com/ Again, yes this is more of an e-magazine than a blog but is remains a helpful resource for those looking for information on controversial topics pertaining to vaping as well as recommendations for the most popular e-liquids.

  1. Breazy

http://breazy.com/blogs/updates Although this blog is attached to an online store, the content is not only about the products that are sold by this retailer. If you are looking for some discounts and recommendations for delicious e-liquids, give this website a shot.

  1. VaporRage

http://www.vapor-rage.com/blog/ This website discusses some of the more serious topics when it comes to vaping. It offers advice and information about vaping when pregnant and support for those who are looking to decrease their nicotine consumption to kick the habit all together.

  1. VeganVape

http://www.veganvape.com/blog/ Vaping tutorials, new and conversation abound on this blog. Make use of the videos on this blog to keep you engaged for hours on end.

  1. VapingUnderground

http://vapingunderground.com/ This is more of a forum but the diversity of options and information offered on this site make it a must to include in this list.

  1. EcigarettePolitics

http://www.ecigarette-politics.com/ This website looks at the political issues surrounding the world of vaping. If you are interested in laws, regulations and advocacy around this trend check out this site.

  1. DickPuddlecote

http://dickpuddlecote.blogspot.co.uk/This blogger takes a grassroots, personal approach to advocating for the benefits of vaping.

  1. AntiThrLies

https://antithrlies.com/  C.V Phillips who heads up this blog is the current Scientific Director for CASSA. He looks to change the misinformation that exists around vaping.

  1. VapingGiraffe

http://vapingiraffe.blogspot.co.uk/ This website is chock full of awesome reviews and information particularly pertaining to the European context.

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