3 Ways CBD Can Help Your Dog

Ok, the secret is out. CBD has hit the mainstream and it seems everyone knows how it can work with your endocannabinoid system to help treat inflammation, relieve pain, calm anxiety and more. 

But, here’s something you may not know–CBD can also help the furry members of our family thrive. No, we’re not talking about hairy Uncle Murray. We’re talking about the four-legged friends that bark and lick their way into our hearts and families…you can use CBD for your dog.

Yup. Bet you didn’t know that dogs also have an endocannabinoid system and since their system is like ours, they can receive the same benefits from CBD that we do. Our dogs are like family and we want them to feel as good as we do. If you’ve never thought about CBD for your dog, here are just a few ailments your dog might suffer from that ZOIA for Pets could help treat. 


Does your pup stress out every time you leave the house? Do you come home every day to find something else destroyed, your floors torn up, or *gulp * accidents all over the house? The calming effect of CBD can help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, or who stress out during storms, fireworks, or just when a noisy truck goes by.  A daily dose can help keep your pet calm during stressful times. 


Nothing is worse than watching our pets age and seeing their quality of life suffer. But, giving CBD to man’s best friend can help make sure that he’s still protecting and playing even as he reaches senior status. Since it’s an anti-inflammatory, CBD can relieve the chronic pain many older dogs with arthritis live with and help them live fuller and more active lives. 


Did you know canine epilepsy affects 4% of dogs? Sadly, many of the medications used to treat this condition have unpleasant side effects like depression, loss of appetite or increased urination. Since we want our fur babies to feel better, not worse, this can be hard to watch. 89% of dogs in a CBD study who received CBD experienced a reduced frequency of seizures. 

These are just a few of the ways that CBD for dogs can help man’s best friend feel better and live a better life. Stay tuned for more posts on CBD can help your pet, dosing information, and more!

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