A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a YouTube Vape Reviewer

A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a YouTube Vape Reviewer

The vaping community has become to vast and there is so much available in terms of product and e-liquids, most avid vapers have turned to YouTube reviews as a means to get honest information about the products they are interested in trying out. Reviews are a great way to get information about products you are unsure about or are waiting to purchase. If you are someone who watches reviews you may have taken note that many reviewer start off their video by saying something like, “This product was given to me for free for the purposes of this review.” Perhaps this spurred your interest in getting free stuff too! By becoming a reputable reviewer you may have the chance to get some free product as well but you have to take the time to invest in yourself as a reviewer. We have gathered some suggestions for those who wish to foray into the world of vape reviewing.

Getting Vape Products to Review on YouTube

Start growing your online channel. You can think of reviewing as a kind of business. In order to get something back you have to initially put something in. That means you have to buy some new vaping gear so you can review it and start to build your online following. Once you start reviewing you can promote your channel via various other social media and encourage people to subscribe. Companies will shy away from giving you free products if you do not have a following through which to promote their goods. They are looking to get something out of this relationship just as much as you are looking to get free stud. 

Remember any kind of trend changes rapidly in our every expanding world and especially online there will always be new things to review. The first few things you choose to review may not be the most up and coming items in the market but if you use them and know them then you are qualified to review them. Remember viewers want to hear your honest opinion about products; that is why they have come to you. Think about your favourite reviewer. Do you remember the product they were reviewing or are you more likely to recall their personality? It is likely that if you have great personality viewers will be most interested in watching you and secondly interested in the products you are reviewing. Be genuine.

How to Review Your Product as a YouTube Vape Reviewer

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In order to provide a thorough and accurate review spend a good chunk of time with the product. You have to have a good understanding of all the features of the product in order to come across as knowing what you are talking about. If something has additional features you are not familiar with make sure to try out all the different functions so you know how they work and can demonstrate that to your viewers. If there are certain features you do not normally use on your personal vape make sure to try them out anyway because your viewers may use them. 


E-liquid is a great, cheap way to start reviewing. It is safe to say that most people have a few e-liquids laying around their house so why not start with those? Like we said it is best to start with something you know and move on from there. Also it will save you from going out and buying a bunch of product at the get-go. 

When you are reviewing an e-liquid it is important to take the following items into consideration:

● The quality of the bottle / label
● Does it taste like the description?
● What specific notes do you taste?
● How is the throat hit?
● How is the vapor production?

A good idea and a way to stand out is to review products you have had for a while. Most reviewers look at brand new e-liquids but using older ones will give you an opportunity to test what it tastes like after steeping for a while.

Recording and Publishing Your Vape Review on YouTube

Once you have a product to review and you have done your research and practiced with the item you are ready to record your review. Make sure to get the highest quality camera available to you. Most reviewers use their phones or computers these days, as most digital devices are equipped with a good quality camera. We recommend writing out a brief script for yourself before you begin so you can make certain to stay on track when you are filming. Make notes for yourself and reminders of what topics you are going to cover. Try to stay focused and do no deviate from the message you are trying to send. Remain centered on the product you are reviewing. Another good idea is to make sure you are in a space where there will not be any distractions. While it might be funny to have a cat walk across your computer keyboard, it may make you appear unprofessional when you are just starting out. As well you do not want there to be any sounds or distractions in the background of your video. Hit record and start reviewing. You will want to make sure to do a demonstration of how to use the product and what works best/any tips you can offer viewers. You may want to watch some of your favourite reviewers and take some tips from how they approach doing reviews. 

Once you have finished recording you will have to edit it. It is perfectly fine to use a free video editing software like Window’s Movie Maker, iMovie, or even YouTube Video Editor to clean/edit it the final version. Remember you want it to look professional, as this is your first step towards building yourself up as a reputable reviewer so you can eventually get companies to give you free product! 

Once your video is edited to your liking, upload it to YouTube and my friend you are on your way to becoming the next influential reviewer on vaping!

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