A Guide on 13 Popular Vaping Tricks

Vaping can be complex when you try figure out the mods, the coils and what a sub ohm is but it can be simple and you can have a lot of fun with it. Vapers do not always just smoke and blow out vapour willy-nilly sometimes they experiment and blow out funny shapes. Much like what traditional smokers or those smoke hookahs usually do. So in this article we want to get you to act like one of the cool kids and get your clouds looking all kinds of ways. The methods will vary from simple, intermediate and challenging but rest assured even if you just master the one you will still have tons of fun trying to master them. Vapers have come up with tweaks to the traditional smoke tricks and put their own mark on them. Let’s explore some of the top vaping tricks!

Vaping Trick 1: Ghost Hit

The Ghost hit is also referred to as the snap inhale or mushroom cloud. It one of the easier tricks which basically involve one releasing a ball of vapour and quickly snapping it back into their mouth. Here how you do it:

  • Take a long drag of vapour and hold it. Slowly let it out by pushing it out with your tongue in a ball soon after you have to quickly inhale it right back. It takes a lot of lung control especially for people who have never done similar tricks either as smokers or even beginner vapers, so be patient. Be sure that you are not in a room with too much moving air as this will negatively impact the trick

Vaping Trick 2: Dragon

This also another easy and popular vapor trick. If you master this you’ll look like one of Khaleesi’s dragons which are super impressive.

  • Simply take a long deep drag of vapour and do not swallow it, once your mouth is full of vapour exhale through your nose while at the same time exhaling through each side of your mouth.

Vaping Trick 3: The Waterfall

Following the mythical theme like the dragon we have the Waterfall. It looks like a cool fog on the floor of some enchanted forest in one of your fantasy shows. Here’s how you do it:

  • Get a bottle with a little frozen water at the bottom. Inhale some vapour and slowly blow it into the blow. Once the vapour is in, tilt the bottle and watch the vapour trickle out like a waterfall.

Vaping Trick 4: Vapour bubble

Another mythical trick is the vapour bubble.

  • Mix a bowl of bubble solution made of hand soap and water. Then take a small plastic bottle, cut off the bottom. Dip the end of the bottle into the liquid, then slowly exhale vapour through the nozzle to create a vape-filled bubble.

Vaping Trick 5: Tornado

  • Find a flat surface. Inhale some vapour then slowly exhale it directly onto the flat surface, make sure the vapour is as thick as possible. Use your hand to chop at the surface but flick up your wrist and lift your arm up in one fast move.

Vaping Trick 6: French inhale

This trick is also known as the Irish Waterfall. It was made popular by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in their Young, Wild and Free video. It resembles a waterfall but in reverse.

  • Take a drag of some vapour in, hold it and let the vapour settle. Open your mouth slowly, slightly push out your jaw and exhale slowly then inhale through your nose simultaneously. And there you have it!

Vaping Trick 7: Blowing Os

This is one of the most common tricks but not one of the simplest.

  • Drag some vapour right back to your throat. Keep your tongue pushed back and towards your throat. Form your lips in an O shape then push out the vapour with little motion that resembles a subtle cough. The size of your Os will match how wide you make your mouth!

Vaping Trick 8: Double and Triple Os

This is blowing Os on crack. Double and triple the effects once you have mastered blowing Os

  • Follow the instructions to blow a basic O BUT to double the Os place a finger over your mouth and pull your top bottom lip down to meet each while creating a split in the middle creating two sections. To get triple Os use the same method as for the doubles but open your mouth wider and use two fingers and make three sections.

Vaping Trick 9: Bull ring

Get that cool nose ring you’ve dying to have with this trick but this is a less permanent and pain free one.

  • Its simple blow out a basic O as described above and you release the O, lean in and inhale the O with your nose. Voila!

Vaping Trick 10: Vape Bend

The Vape Bend is a cool little party trick where you get to manipulate the movements of your O ring.

  • Cup your hand next to your mouth and blow an O ring. Then basically follow it around with your hand. With more practice you’ll be able to spin it or bend it all sorts of ways.

Vaping Trick 11: Jellyfish

This is also known as the Atomic Bomb or Force field. The basic idea is to combine a small O ring with a bigger O ring to make it resemble a jellyfish. You’ll need to apply what you learnt about O rings and vape bends.  Read carefully it’s slightly more complex.

  • Blow a large O ring and place your hand behind it and push it slightly so as to slow it down. And then make a second smaller O and push it into the larger one, it should drag the first one around it leaving a trail that makes it resemble a jellyfish. Keep at it cause once may not do the trick!

Vaping Trick 12: Triangles

Another advanced vapour trick blowing triangles, it’s a neat trick and move away from the traditional Os

  • Blow a thick dense O and use your hands to tap the sides of the o to make a triangle shape. Either tap it twice on one side or once on each side. Remember timing is everything with this trick so be a bit fast. You can even make a jellyfish out of this triangle for a bit more fun!

Vaping Trick 13: Bane Inhale

Fun fact about this trick is that its named after Bane, the villain in Batman. So this one is for all the geeky vapers out there!

  • Start off with a French inhale (follow the instructions above) then join your bottom lip with your top teeth to form gaps and this produces streams of vapour. To make these streams more defined and to get better results inhale fast through your nose

There are so many vaping tricks out there and we have merely scratched the surface with some of the most popular ones. So feel free to explore after you’ve mastered these ones. Have fun vaping with these tricks! Share your vaping tricks with the online vape community today!

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