A Guide to the Pennywise Strain


The Pennywise strain famously gets its name from its ancestor strains: Harlequin and Jack the Ripper – so you could say that it comes from a family of clowns. But that doesn’t mean that its effects are anything to joke about.

Some even say that this strain gets its name from the killer clown from a Stephen King novel. Regardless, this strain won’t keep you up at night. Instead, the effects are the complete opposite.

Enjoy this guide to the Pennywise strain as we learn all about its effects, genetics and uses.

Pennywise consumers will experience deep relaxation, calming and soporific effects from this high CBD strain.

What Is The Pennywise Strain?

Pennywise comes at a perfect 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. There are 4 separate phenotypes of Pennywise, each with different-shaped buds that boast similar effects. Some of the buds can be round and fat, whereas others are long and finger-like.

The terpene content of Pennywise leads to its unique aroma: a subtle aroma of coffee and a spicy pepper-like flavour can be detected, as can a hint of lemon and bubblegum.

Pennywise is an indica strain. However, given its genetic heritage, one might not expect this.

Pennywise is a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, neither of which are full indicas.

Harlequin is a 75/25 sativa dominant strain known for its reliable expression of CBD, but it’s also one of the CBD-rich strains that is known for providing the most stimulating and clear-headed effects.

On the other hand, Jack the Ripper is a strain which is about 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica. JTR is not particularly known for its expression of CBD.

Nonetheless, Pennywise has been developed as an indica – and a strong one at that, making it ideal for relieving certain symptoms.

What Is Pennywise Good For?

Pennywise has a tremendous number of medicinal benefits. Many people find that strains of marijuana with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD provide the most benefits. When compared to CBD-rich or THC-rich marijuanas, 50/50 strains seem to produce the most medicinal effect.

In these strains, the THC is allowed to produce its stimulatory medicinal benefits and the CBD is allowed to balance these effects. This makes Pennywise a fantastic choice for people struggling with things like:

Pain, especially pain associated with inflammation caused by issues like osteoarthritis. Pennywise can also be useful for helping people work through neuropathic pain which is often difficult to treat with traditional medication.

Anxiety (although people who are sensitive to THC should still be cautious, as Pennywise contains about 50 percent active THC).

Digestive issues and weight loss.

Helping people relax, unwind and de-stress at the end of the day.

Since Pennywise contains a 50/50 ratio of CBD to THC, that means that its psychoactive effects are more mild compared to strains that are purely developed to produce THC. The high of Pennywise is often regarded as being more clear-headed, stable and less likely to produce paranoia or anxiety.

As an indica-dominant rich in CBD, Pennywise is also a great strain to smoke before going to bed.

What strain has the highest CBD?

Unlike some strains, Pennywise doesn’t exclusively contain CBD. If you’re looking for a strain solely for the purpose of consuming CBD, then Pennywise is probably not for you. While Pennywise is a fantastic and potent strain, 50 percent of its active cannabinoid content comes from THC. If you are highly sensitive to or allergic to THC, you may want to seek out a strain like Charlotte’s Web.  

Strains that are the highest in CBD include:

Charlotte’s Web – the CBD strain that started it all was the first strain developed to contain pure CBD. At its inception, it contained around 17 percent CBD and only minuscule traces of THC. Some strains nowadays contain as much as 23 percent CBD.

Cannatonic is another hugely popular strain of CBD-rich marijuana. Its CBD content tends to max out around 17 percent and the level of THC remains at lower than 6 percent. This is a fantastic strain for people who need the medicinal benefits of THC but are unable to handle its psychoactive effects.

AC/DC is a strain of weed that has managed to maintain a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. Generally, the strain contains anywhere between 16-24 percent  CBD and somewhere between 2-6 percent THC, making it one of the most potent CBD-rich strains on the market.

Ringo’s Gift is a cross between AC/DC and Harle-Tsu, another hybrid strain. There is a great deal of variety in strains of Ringo’s Gift, some of which are a simple 1:1 balance of CBD/THC and others of which reach as high as 25:1 THC to CBD.

Final Thoughts On The Pennywise Strain

Pennywise is a fantastic and powerful strain of marijuana that provides medicinal and recreational benefits. Its high CBD content makes it effective for people who prefer to minimize the psychoactive effects of THC. Check out the Shop CBD store to peruse the different products.  


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