A Look at California's Vaping Laws

A Look at California's Vaping Laws

Here is a quick overview of California's Vaping Laws. Of late, California, the home of some of the largest e-cig producers, has increased the smoking age, which was accompanied by a series of new tax laws and restrictions. Now, vapers are anticipating a shift in the e-cigarette industry. As a result, vaping advocates are banding together to make their voices heard in an attempt to have their say on the changes. For the lowdown on how these changes may impact you as a vaper, please see below!

Vape Products Being Reclassified

Possibly the most challenging aspect of these new regulations is that vape / e-cigarette products will now be re-classified as tobacco products. This means that all vape products will fall under the same rules and regulations as tobacco products regardless of the fact that they are not tobacco products at all. Some vaping products do contain nicotine, but others do not. Many activists feel that they should not be considered the same as tobacco products.

Vaping Age Increase

21 is now the new age at which individuals can purchase tobacco products. Unfortunately it is now the age that people can now purchase vaping products as well. The one concession is that active members of the military can buy products at age 18. This will greatly impact vaping manufacturers and retailers, as they will no longer have the income from those who are under the age of 21. According to relevant statistics 35% of e-cig users are between the ages of 18 and 21 not to mention the workforce is comprised of people in the same age range. Additionally this also has an impact on those who were vapers at 18 and who will no longer have access to vaping products.

Registration for Products and Shops

Vape products will now have to be inspected and approved for safety before being put on the shelves. All products must also be legally registered. As a result, vape shop will be required to pay additional fees each year just to remain open. The FDA will also be enforcing compliance checks with manufacturers in addition.

Location Regulations

There will be a series of bans on where it is acceptable to smoke vapes in California. Vaping will no longer be permitted on school property, in public areas and in workplaces. Vaping was already banned on school properties but this new ban will apply to all schools including universities and colleges. Many other states have also adopted this stringent legislation. The work place restriction also applies to those who are self-employed who have clients that come to their office for services. In addition locations such as hotel lobbies, bars and warehouses are on the restricted list for vaping.

Implementation of New Taxes

Of course with any new governmental change of this sort there is always a shift in taxes. At this time there is only a $2 per pack tax for traditional cigarette companies. Nothing yet for e-cigarettes, as the government indicated that there were already a number of tax provisions in place for e-cigarette distributors.

California’s new laws will provide some setbacks to the industry but many in the community suggest that the vaping community will only thrive. There is a strong understanding amongst pro-vapers about the benefits of vaping and it is the intent to continue to tout these benefits. So many people have benefited from vaping and have managed to change their lives from smokers to non-smokers because of e-cigarettes. The environment has benefited from vaping because of the minimized smoke that is going into the air. Vapes have also lessened the dangers of second hand smoke. There are a variety of benefits when it comes to vaping not to mention their harm reduction benefits. Vaping advocates and activists are banning together to promote the benefits of vaping and make it well known that vapes are an amazing product. Activists intend to rally for the rights of vapers amidst these stringent policies and continue to promote the positive and healthful benefits of vaping. If you are interested in getting involved in the movement look for events in your area and connect with your local vape advocacy group.

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