Beginners Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

Beginners Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

Vaping is relatively safe and relatively well controlled. Most vapers can enjoy a puff out of a normal however many vapers who seek thrills and extreme flavour try Sub Ohm Vaping. Before I explain what it is I must warn that Sub Ohm Vaping is one of the more controversial and potentially dangerous forms of vaping in the community. If you don’t follow the safety guidelines and use a damaged vape or any other risky action you may find yourself in a hot mess or an explosive situation. Vapes are small electronic devices that heat up to temperatures that are extremely difficult to reach with such a small power source and body. Lithium Ion batteries are dangerous batteries that can react poorly to heat and pressure which sub-ohm vaping will definitely provide. It is in your benefit to follow any safety instructions given to avoid loss of hardware and body. Now with all the boring stuff out of the way here’s our Beginners Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping and what you need to know.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping is the act of vaping while using an atomizer of which the coils have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. What does that really man? Vapes are electronic devices this means they have a voltage flowing at a current that is slowed by a resistance (I’ve simplified for our purposes). Most vapes have a resistance that allows your vape to run without straining the battery and becoming too hot. Sub ohm vaping removes these safeguards entirely allowing one to go the extremes in heat and vapour. This means that sub-ohm vapers take lung hits to get as much vapour as they can, to get warmer vapour and to have more intense flavour.

Sub Ohm Vaping Safety guidelines

For the safest experience you’ll want to get a vape specifically for sub ohm vaping. This makes the lowest chance of a mechanical failure due to the fact that the device will be mostly designed for sub ohm vaping. For this make sure you get a device that is well ventilated and has a low voltage drop.  Even with a sub ohm optimized vape sub ohm vaping should still be done by a very watchful veteran vaper since electronic devices are not perfect. Now once you have your device you’ll want to make sure that your vape is clean and functional. If any parts are damaged or malfunctioning replace them with clean and working parts before trying to sub ohm vape. One of the most important components to watch out for is the battery. The battery being the power source of the entire vape is also one of the most sensitive and reactive parts when mistreated its failures can produce the most harmful results. Always make sure your battery is from a reputable brand and never wet, too hot or too cold. Sub ohm vapers also typically use unprotected IMR or hybrid lithium batteries. These batteries are typically much safer than the lithium ion batteries most vapers use and react less violently.

How to Sub Ohm Vape

There are multiple ways to sub ohm vape and each one requires very different components some base essentials for all these methods are rechargeable batteries, kanthal wire and organic cotton for wicks (if you understand basic circuitry and want to put it together yourself) or you can buy a sub ohm tank and any mod that can get up to or over 30 watts. Now that you have the essentials here are 3 ways to sub ohm vape:


RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) Also referred to as “drippers” this is the old fashioned way to sub ohm vape. These are usually small devices designed to attach to box mods. They contain bunches of coils that can be attached with a screwdriver and are wicked with cotton. To do this users drop small amounts of juice onto the coils and wicks before every few puffs.


RTA’s or rebuildable tank Atomizers are great for those who want to play with coils but aren’t too interested in dripping slowly. RTAs are just like clearomizers however the user must build the coils to put inside it. This does however give the advantage of allowing the user to customize their coil to get the exact vape that they are looking for

Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohm Tanks are like RTA’s but with premade, disposable coils. This does have the downside of restricting some of the customization options, but it is great for those interested on getting into Sub Ohm that do not have any interest in building their own tanks.

The vaping community has a very large variety of methods for alternative vaping that sub ohm vaping is just one of. The vaping community is a new community that are just finding the new tips and tricks they can use to save money, save power and make vapour. While sub ohm vaping is still controversial it is one of the many ways the community enjoys vaping and maybe you’ll enjoy it too. Remember to stay safe and always check your battery for leaks!

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