Beginner's Guide To Vaping

Beginner's Guide To Vaping

Assuming you are the legal age to take the legal recreational drugs to your country you’ve probably looked around searching for the least potentially damaging form of pleasure. If you're reading thing article in particular I think I know where you want to head with this. So without further ado I'll explain the essentials of what you need to know about vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a general term for using an electronic cigarette. While there are a wide variety of electronic cigarettes from disposable cigarettes looking pieces to vaporizers the main thing that separates them from cigarettes is that they use vapour instead of smoke. However there is a lot more to vaping than that. Vaping allows for a much larger variety of flavour than smoking and it does this through different methods. The main two are disposable e-cigarettes which are more like traditional cigarettes but electronic and release vapour instead of smoke and more long term vape mods. These involve using liquid flavourings or e-liquids to give your vaporizer the flavour you want. There are many varieties and accessories to both of these making a vape mod  more customizable than a cigarette or even a lighter.

Do I want to start Vaping?

Many people looking to quit smoking or find something to occupy their taste buds with in day to day life enjoy a puff of e-juice every now and then. Hell, some do it for the fun of it. Like most fun things vaping can negatively affect your health but so far studies show that it's nowhere near to the same degree that smoking can. Not only is it less harmful e-cigarettes last a lot longer than most cigarettes potentially making them a lot cheaper for frequent smokers. However if  you have a pre-existing medical condition especially involving your respiratory system you may want to be careful. However as was pointed out before if you're looking for a less harmful alternative to smoking vaping can potentially be an option for you. It's cleaner and has a smaller effect on the people around you.

What kind of device should I start with?

Vaping is  a very new trend. Luckily most manufacturers have considered this and there a lot of starter kits designed for safety and ease of use. Vaping kits are electronic devices so the more advanced ones can mess up from time to time. This makes starting with the simpler safer ones a far better option. It would also be to your benefit not to go in without researching. There are a lot of handy materials and reviews for products online. From a starter kit you can find out what you enjoy in a vaporizer or other vaping accessories and narrow down to what you want.

If you're just looking to find something like smoking than disposable e-cigs might be right for you. These are great for starting out as they generally require little knowledge or experience to use.

For those looking for something more advanced a vape pen might suit you. Vape pens are much larger versions of the disposable e-cigarettes that typically last a lot longer and are a lot more versatile as they can work usually work with different e-liquids for a variety of flavours while remaining fairly easy to keep on your person.

For someone experienced looking for more customizability a vape box mod might be right for you. They are much bulkier than both the vape pen and the disposable e-cig and they produce a lot more vapour as well as being very customizable. It is best that you make sure to learn about vaping or have a lot of experience with vaping if you want to get a box mod as they can be complicated to use and generally allow users more options some of which new users may not understand and potentially harm themselves with.


While electronic cigarettes might have fewer health risks in general use it is still a good idea to be mindful while using them. They are electronic devices designed to heat up to high temperatures so at least a bit of caution is recommended, as with all electronics make sure they are properly charged as with all things you put in or near your mouth keep them clean. It is important to take care of your e-cigarettes and only buy from trustworthy sources. There are many forums that discuss these and it may be in your interest to find them and join the community. By learning from your fellow vapers you can learn about new and interesting as well as helpful tips on how to vape safely and enjoyably and it's always nice to have someone to talk to when using an electronic device of course should things go wrong.

Vaping can be a fun hobby and a great way to occupy your taste buds. It can also let you learn about yourself and the things around you. Now you can go forth and enjoy one of the many simple pleasures in life.

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