Best Vape Reviewers On YouTube

If you're a first-time vaper and have set your sights on connecting to the vast network of online vapers out there, be warned that the task can be a bit perplexing at the start.  Although it took a while to catch on, vaping has become a big hit on the Internet over about the last decade, and as a result of this increasing popularity there is now an overabundance of reviewers swarming Cyberspace eager to give their opinions on the topic of vaping.

If you've checked out YouTube hoping to learn more about your new hobby, you've found that seeking advice can be intimidating.  It's only natural that anyone would be confused under these circumstances, so here is a list of five of the top best vape reviewers on YouTube for you to examine and determine who your favorite will be:

Vaping With Vic

With over 7,000 subscribers and 850,000 views across channels, Vaping With Vic is gradually becoming renowned throughout the Internet vaping world.  The show is loved for its average Joe type of reviewing and what has been described as "working man" attitude, which means that colorful language is sometimes used, however, that distracts nothing from the value of his reviews.  The show consists of reviews and personal views, including promotion of E-cigarettes and vouching for the entire industry that goes with them.  He provides reviews of E-cigarettes and the devices that are used with them, E-liquids, and gives fresh and enlightening commentary on the E-cigarette industry.  A great show well worth investing the time in. 


There's a reason that PBusardo (Phil Busardo) has 126,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and it keeps growing every day.  It's because he really is the best vape reviewer out there, with a sense of humor that never fails.  Once a pack a day smoker, he was determined to quit, yet spent years fighting the battle and never managing to win it.  He owes his current victory over the power of cigarettes to learning about the then relatively new practice of vaping back in 2009.  It was then that he was finally able to kick the habit at the drop of a hat and switch over to vaping, which he continues to do to this day.

Having established himself as a force to be reckoned with on YouTube, pbusardo has his own website where he shows off his technical knowledge with his excellent summaries of the workings of various gears and product reviews.  Plus, it isn't all cut and dried information.  He befriends his viewers by inserting pieces of his personal life with his reviews.


When it comes to the top Vape reviewers on YouTube GrimmGreen (Nick) ranks right up there with the best.  A vaper from when the practice was still in its infancy, he knows what he's talking about and his videos are easy to understand for any vaper, whether you rank as a veteran or a beginner.  He also does weekly vlogs which are a fantastic source for the latest events in the vaping world.

A rough around the edges sort who hails from Southern California, Nick has the tattoos to go with his love of heavy metal music and craft beer drinking personality.  However, all of his fans say that he is a genuinely nice guy who does his best to advise them on vaping.  One day in 2008 he was online seeking an option to substitute for his smoking habit, when he found an e-cigarette video review, and that was it.  He was able to quit smoking and instead became a vaping fan.  Besides product reviews and coil-building tutorials, his website includes a fantastic Intro-to-Vaping page for those just beginning their vaping experience.

Indoor Smokers

This fellow is a friendly, silly person from the state of Washington that knows he looks and sounds like an ordinary schmuck but likes it that way.  Apparently, his audience does too, as he boasts over 255,000 subscribers to his channel.  His videos and product reviews are lighthearted but informational, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand them.  He does, however, hint quite clearly that he was smoking something a little stronger than an e-cigarette before making them.  His videos have a pleasant, relaxed, let's all just hang out together feel to them, which is a definite draw for his fans, and as added incentive to watch, there's Danielle, an attractive brunette who could be friend, neighbor, significant other -- it's open to your interpretation -- who pops up every now and then to keep things interesting.

Rip Trippers

Everyone in the YouTube vaping world is aware of Rip Trippers.  A cut above the hundreds of other vaping reviewers out there, with a channel that has over 700,000 subscribers he is the slightly crazy, but top notch fellow who acts like a citified hillbilly.  His videos are excellent, however, and have greatly improved since his 2012 debut.  He's been a dyed in the wool vaper since 2011 and has such zeal for the subject, that the following year he created and sold the AC9, his very own rebuildable atomizer.  It was an amazing success right from the start.  Later he sold his share of the company to his partner and returned to YouTube.  His goal is to teach as many vapers and would be vapers something new every day by using vaping product reviews and his tutorials on coil building.  Just his genuine enthusiasm over the subject of vaping is enough to convince new followers to give it a try, or experiment a little if they are already using e-cigarettes.

Because he has only about 46,000 YouTube subscribers it's easy to overlook this fellow, but that's no small change when you consider how hard it is to get people to subscribe to your channel.  Scott Bonner is from the United Kingdom, and he's certainly his vaping stripes having got his start reviewing e-cigarettes and just about anything else to do with vaping in 2008.  A wise old sage among YouTube vapers, he's actually quite candid and on target in his evaluations of e-cigarettes and other vaping products.

There are many other vaping reviewers on YouTube, and many of them have something important to say.  This is a guide to five of the best ones out there who have earned respect and are genuinely liked by their followers who feel that their videos and tutorials have something out of the ordinary to offer.  In a time when it seems like everyone and their brother is posting a video online and giving their opinion about everything imaginable just to get their 15 minutes of fame, it's nice to hear from people who are serious and knowledgeable about their habit, and who just want to educate others.

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