Best Vape Shop in Chichester UK

The Eliquid Boutique: Best Vape Shop in Chichester UK

For those who have already vaped before, you can attest that vaping is a game of cool and fun. The cloud dances and fun tricks not only leave bystanders impressively curious but also are a source of personal entertainment. And living in Chichester UK, you know seeking entertainment is a lifestyle here. That’s why at The Eliquid Boutique, we are dedicated to bringing you the best vaping hardware and materials in the market. Vaping is about fun and play, it must never involve hassle. Visit our website for the best e-cigarettes kits, mods, e-liquids, nicotine shots, vape tanks and all other vaping essentials you need to achieve your ultimate vaping experience. We have sought out and partnered with the most reputable vape brands like Aspire, SMOK, Dinner Lady, Vaporesso and more to make sure every product we deliver is superb. All our product ranges are updated weekly to accommodate the ever innovative world of vaping. Browse through The Eliquid Boutique and order e-cigarette starter kits,  shortfill e-liquids, nicotine shots,  vape mods, vape tanks, coils and more from the latest most inclusive collection in Chichester UK. The Eliquid Boutique guarantees you total discretion in billing, packaging and shipping to your doorstep.  Save time and money, buy all your vaping needs here at The Eliquid Boutique and enjoy free delivery on all orders over £50.  We exist to make your vaping experience as hassle-free and ultimately perfect as possible.

At Eliquid Boutique we strive to be a vaping solution for both beginners and pros.   For pros, you already know what you need, feel free to skip this guide and order your essentials.  For Beginners, here is a guide on the hardware and materials you need to vape successfully.

Best Vape Shop in Chichester UK

Vaping Essentials

Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens

E-cigarettes and vape pens are designed to give you a mouth -to lung hits and are popularly used as nicotine replacement therapy tools help smokers transition to vaping. These starter kits come with fully charged batteries, pre-filled cartridges and chargers. Most of the cartridges are refillable.

Vape Mods

Vape mods suited for more advanced vapers.  They have different designs and styles including box mods, sub-ohm mods, and temperature control mods.  Depending on the manufacturer, different mods will have longer-lasting batteries, stronger heating capacity and have larger tanks. Make sure to study your mod controls beforehand, vapes can be quite challenging to use.  

Vape Coils 

Vape coils are the devices that atomize your e-liquid into vapour. They come in different styles some designed for mouth-to-lung inhalations and others for direct-to lungs inhalations.  They need to be changed regularly to preserve the taste and flavour of your e-liquid.

Vape Tank

The vape tanks are the e-liquid reservoirs. Depending on your vaporiser size and specifications, the tank will vary in volume ranging from small to large. Be sure to choose a vape tank that will suit your vaping needs without needing to refill after every two or so hits. This will reduce your burden of carrying e-liquids with you to work or night out. 


Our e-liquids come in two categories, nicotine free and with nicotine.  You will also choose from different flavours including fruity, dessert and more. Nicotine free e-liquids are usually packaged as shortfills which have a space to fill in a  10ml nicotine shot.  

We also have e-liquids with nicotine packaged in 10ml containers. 

Cool Vaping Tricks to Maximise Your Vaping Experience

We all know vaping is cool and fun especially if you are doing it with friends. Learning how to make patterns and designs with the vape clouds definitely adds to your fun. It might seem simple and easy, but learning how to blow the cloud into interesting tricks is difficult to master. But we are determined to help you the greatest vape trickster to entertain yourself and impress others.  

Here are a few tricks you will love:

  • The Dragon Breath

This trick involves you blowing the vapour simultaneously from your nose and sides of your mouth to form 4 streams.

How it’s done

To achieve this trick, you need a strong vape pen or mod to produce a lot of vapour. Take a long full drag of vapour. Then, exhale the vapour from your both your nose and corners of your mouth with the centre of the mouth tightly closed. Such that smoke is coming out of four fountains like a dragon head on fire.

  • The Ghost Hit

Also known as the mushroom cloud or snap inhale, this is one of the easiest tricks for beginners. It simply involves releasing a ball of vapour then snapping it right back.

How it is done

Take a long mouth-to-long drag and hold it in for a few seconds. From an O-ring with your mouth, exhale the vapour in a ball and quickly re-inhale it back.

  • The French Inhale

Also known as the Irish Waterfall, this trick involves exhaling vapour through your mouth and then re-inhaling it through your nostrils. It is difficult to master, but once you do, you will be a sensational trickster.

How it’s done

Take a long mouth-to-lung drag. Hold in the vapour for a few minutes and then slowly exhale through your mouth with your bottom jaw pushed out. Re-inhale the vapour through your nose at the same time.

  • Blow an O-Ring

While it has been around for centuries among smokers, the O-ring trick needs some practice to perfect. It is more ideal for advanced vapers who have learnt the smoke play tricks.

How it is done

Take a full mouth pull on your vape and settle it in your throat. Close in the vapour using your tongue. With your lips, form an O-ring and push out a small quick vapour in pulsulating  motion. Note the first times will be floppy, practice until you perfect the art.

There are many more tricks you can learn to entertain yourself and impress your pals. We will definitely cover them in your subsequent guides. For now, these should kick you off.

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