Best Vape Shop in Nottingham UK

The Eliquid Boutique: Best Vape Shop in Nottingham UK

Enjoy the best vape hardware and e-liquids in Nottingham here at The Eliquid Boutique. We supply you with high-quality shortfill and nicotine e-liquid, vape mods, tanks, coils, batteries and all vape essentials from reputable brands including, AspireSMOKVaporessoInnokinZenith, Sony, and Vape Dinner Lady among others. Forget the hassle of finding authentic vape hardware and e-liquids. At The Eliquid Boutique, we ensure all our supplies are TPD compliant to deliver you high standard products. Vape with the latest most comprehensive vape product portfolio in Nottingham; all our products are updated weekly to include new launches. Simply browse through our website to order your favourite vape essentials and we will be delighted to discretely deliver to your destination. Free shipping on all orders over £50! We are here to make your vaping ultimately hassle-free.

The Eliquid Boutique: Best Vape Shop in Nottingham UK

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E-Cigarettes Starter Kits

As a vaping beginner,  e-cigarettes starter kits are the most convenient devices in the market.  These kits include easy to operate starter mods and pens. Most come ready installed with detachable batteriestanks and coils. They produce relatively large clouds and flavours. Depending on the design and manufacturer, starter mods and pens include features like sub-ohm tanks, adjustable airflows, temperature control and variable voltage. Before using any vape device, make sure to study the operation system and read the user manual to ensure proper applications. Wrongful use can cause the coils to shot or the battery to explode.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are designed to produce massive clouds and flavours for an enhanced vaping experience. They have powerful heating mechanisms and stronger batteries. Most will have customizable ohms setting, variable voltage and temperature control. They are also compatible with all types of tanks allowing you to fully personalise your experience.

Vape Tank

Vape tanks come in different designs including clearomizers, sub-ohm tanks, Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDA) and Rebuildable Tank Atomizers.  Clearomizers have a clear section that allows you to see the level of e-juice in the tank. Sub-ohm tanks are usually paired with sub-ohm coils (these are coils with a low heat resistance) and are best for large cloud products. RDA and RTA tanks require you to build and wink the coils. Each of these tanks will give you a unique experience. But despite delivery variants, they all have the same function of holding the e-juice.

Vape Coils

The coil is the device that heats the e-juice into vapour. They are usually screwed inside the tank and have a direct connector to the battery. Coils come in different designs and heat resistance which will make a world different on your cloud and flavour production. The heat resistance and desired wattage are normally printed on the coil. But be sure to check your tanks user manual to know which coils will be most effective.  

Shortfill and Nicotine E-liquid

E-liquids will come as either nicotine-free, with nicotine or shortfill.  By law, all e-liquids above 10ml are by default packaged as nicotine-free. But you can buy shortfill e-liquids which have a space to add nicotine shots to create your desired surplus e-liquid with nicotine.

We also have pre-mixed  nicotine e-liquids here at The Eliquid Boutique.

5 Nicotine Facts Every Vaper Should Know

In the aftermath of the EU TPD regulations on smoking and vaping, you must be wondering if nicotine is as bad as portrayed or is it just a misconception. Here are 5 nicotine facts you should know:

  • Nicotine is a Stimulant and a Relaxant

Nicotine is a biphasic drug that will stimulate and relax you. Maybe this is why so many people love it. The effects are in the dosage. Low levels of nicotine provide a stimulating effect which heightens your awareness of pleasure. High qualities of nicotine provide a calming and relaxing effect more noticeable in stressful situations.

  • Nicotine Increases your Attention and Concentration

Intake of nicotine improves your attention and concentration ability. Studies show that people who use nicotine has more accurate and faster alerting and orienting attention. Nicotine increase brain attention to details, response time and concentration hence, improved performance.

  • Nicotine Does Not Cause Cancer

 Many people believe that nicotine does cause cancer. However, studies show no direct link between nicotine and cancer. On the other hand, studies done on disembodied cells and animals show nicotine can promote the growth of tumours. While this does not necessarily translate to the human body, there is a possibility that the same effects can replicate, though it has not been scientifically established.

  • Nicotine Harmful to your Body

While high doses of nicotine can be poisonous. The amount of nicotine delivered by cigarettes and e-cigarettes is significantly low. E-cigs actually deliver lesser nicotine as compared to conventional cigarettes making them even safe. However, research shows that nicotine does tend to cause a temporary increase in blood pleasure, increased salivation, increased pulse rate and reduced coronary blood flow and reduced appetite.

It is advisable to avoid nicotine while pregnant. Also be sure to keep your e-liquids away from the reach of children as they are more vulnerable to nicotine poisoning.

Make sure to buy your e-liquids from trusted stores like The Eliquid Boutique to ensure the nicotine purity and safety. Our e-liquids are TPD compliant for standard and safety. They also have child-proof caps to ensure your child is not put at risk of spills or ingestion. Note that nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin. Clean-up any spilt e-liquids from your skin immediately.

  • Nicotine is Addictive

While there is some truth into this, it is worth noting that most studies done on the effects of nicotine are on cigarette smokers. Chemicals in cigarettes including monoamine oxidase inhibitors, alkaloids and acetaldehyde all increase the addictive potential of cigarettes.  Addictions are characterised by someone actively drug-seeking and using even if this may cause them health consequences. In recent years vaping has been used as a nicotine replacement therapy tool to help smokers quit. This is because with vaping, you can gradually reduce the level of your nicotine intake and switch to nicotine-free vaping which is not possible with conventional cigarettes.

Nicotine is a touchy subject and we haven’t even covered a pea of it. Be sure to do your research before indulging. If you already love your shots, maybe you can think of gradually reducing your levels. Vaping flavours are more pronounced without nicotine 😉!

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