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The Eliquid Boutique: Best Vape Shop in Southampton, UK

 Unlike cigarette smoking, vaping is an involving engagement. You must get your vaporisers and materials right if you are to enjoy your moment. As a resident in Southampton, The Eliquid Boutique has just made your vaping easier. Get premium shortfill and nicotine e-liquid, vape mods, RDAs, RTAs and Ecigs here at The Eliquid Boutique for highly discounted prices. We have partnered with the best vape brands including SMOKZenithVaporessoAspireInnokin and more to make sure you vape with the best. Whether you are a new vaper or have been vaping for a while, The Eliquid Boutique have you catered for.  Vaping is an evolving practice that gets you demanding for more every time. At The Eliquid Boutique, we make sure to update our portfolios weekly to include all the new innovations as they are released in the market. Operating at lower overheads as compared to the local brick and mortar vape shops, we are able to give your great discounts on premium vape hardware and e-liquids.

Say goodbye to vaping hassle and welcome the best:

Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits

Here at The Eliquid Boutique, we strive to cater for beginners and pro-vapers alike. In essence, we have a wide collection of electronic cigarettes starter kits for new vapers. These include starter mods ( also called baby mods) and vape pens that have simple easy to operate settings. In most cases, they come assembled with a charged battery, refillable tank and stock coils. They also carry an elaborate manual on how to refill the tank, change the coils, charge the battery, clean the tank and everything else you need to vape successfully. Often, the devices categorised as starter kits have regulated power setting and a balanced vapour- flavour production. Some also simulate a cigarette smoking feel which makes them the best devices for transiting smokers.  Some new models have variable temperature control setting to further enhance your experience. In addition, some of the devices like pens are small and light making them easy to pack and use discretely for vapers looking to vape away from home.

Vape Mods

For advanced vapers, we have a wide variety of powerful vape mods from best brands like SMOK, Aspire, Innokin and Vaporesso. A vape mod is a device that has enhanced technology on the battery power and heating mechanism which makes it produce larger and warmer clouds. Most mods are also compatible with multiple vape tanks allowing you to experience different vapour and flavours without needing to change your housing. They also have variable wattage and variable voltage for temperature control. This allows you to customise your vaping experience limitlessly. While all the above features are considered standard on most mods, unique features like Bluetooth compatibility, colour changing displays, touchscreen displays among others vary depending on the manufacturer. For your safety, it is important to highlight that e-cigarette batteries are made from lithium which is highly susceptible to flammable explosions. While it is rare for it to happen, mods batteries can explode if fired or stored incorrectly. Make sure to read your user manual on battery charging, storage and use to avoid personal injury.

Vape Tanks

The tank is the device where you put the e-liquid. Vape tanks are detachable for refilling, cleaning or replacement of essential parts like O-rings and rubber seals which tend to wear out with time. Tanks come in different capacities with the largest in the UK holding up to 2ml of e-liquid per filling. They also come in different designs to enhance your experience. You will find them referred as clearomizers which are tanks with a clear part on the chamber that allows you to see the content of the e-liquid.  These are mostly used on starter kits so that the vaper is able to monitor the e-liquid level to avoid dry puffs. Other common designs are sub-ohms and rebuildable. The Sub-Ohm tanks support Sub-Ohm coils and are popular for large vapour and pronounce flavour production. Moreover, rebuildable tanks including the rebuildable tank atomiser (RTA) and rebuildable drip atomiser (RDA). RTA and RDA are not compatible with stock coils, so you have to build and wick the coils. With these tanks,  you have the freedom to personalise your experience to produce massive clouds. Both sub-ohm and rebuildable tanks are more suited for experienced vapers who have already mastered the art of vape draws and are looking for big clouds. 

Vape Coils

coil is an electronic device that is connected to the battery and tank. Its function is to vaporise the e-liquid to produce the vapour you inhale. The coil significantly affects your vaping experience. They usually have a high or low heat resistance. High resistance coils produce more pronounced flavour. These are perfect for flavour chasers and new no-smoking vapers. Moreover, high resistance coils use less battery power giving you an all-day vaping experience if you are a moderate vaper. On the other hand, low heat resistance coils produce larger clouds making them ideal for cloud chasers. However, they use more battery power reducing the duration you can vape before recharging.  Vape coils need to be changed regularly because the wick burns out quickly.  Burnt wicks give out a burnt smell and taste which can be quite a put-off.


Shortfill and Nicotine Shots

At The Eliquid Boutique, we have an assortment of premium nicotine and shortfill e-liquids in different flavours and sizes for your exploration. By default, all e-liquids packed in containers more than 10ml are nicotine free. But most manufacturers package them as shortfill e-liquids allowing a space to fit 10ml nicotine shots to create an e-liquid-with-nicotine. Most people find this option more convenient and cheaper than buying bulk nicotine e-liquids.  

E-liquids with Nicotine

For your convenience, we also have pre-mixed nicotine e-liquids packaged in 10ml bottles. They all come in different nicotine strength and flavours.

The Eliquid Boutique understands that vaping is a personal affair and as such, our billing, packaging and shipping services are provided with total discretion.  Make all your purchases here to save time and money. The Eliquid Boutique offers free shipping on all orders over £50. You will also find all the support you need to choose hardware, shortfill e-liquids and nicotine shots from your exceptional customer care time that is ever ready to help.

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