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Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique in Sunderland, UK. We offer premium shortfill and nicotine e-liquid, vape mods, starter kits and vaping accessories to make sure you vape with the best. Choose from reputable vape brands like SMOKZenithVaporessoAspireInnokin and more. Here at The Eliquid Boutique, we make sure that your vaping experience is ultimately hassle-free. All our products are priced affordably and are of the highest quality. You no longer have to vape with limited supplies at the local brick and mortar shops. Browse through our website for the latest vape hardware and e-liquids in the market. The vape market is highly competitive and manufacturers are applying themselves every day to bring you better vape devices to enhance your experience.  We make sure to update our product portfolios weekly to include the new launches. As a new vaper or an experienced vaper, The Eliquid Boutique is your one-stop-shop for all your vaping essentials.   Order your vaping products online at the comfort of your home. Our customer service time here at The Eliquid Boutique will be delighted to discreetly package and deliver to your doorstep. Order your entire vape bucket list here and enjoy free shipping on all orders above £50 plus other great offers.

Vape with an Exotic Range:

Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits

Our E-Cigarettes Starter Kits are comprised of vape pens and mods that are specifically made with the beginner in mind. They come ready installed with rechargeable batteries, tanks and coils so that all you have to do is add the e-liquid and you are set. Some manufacturers will also pack a sample e-liquid and several stock coils you make your first-time extra special. The devices in this category have simple settings and have regulated temperatures for a balanced experience. But that doesn’t mean they are static. Most have adjustable airflows to switch between mouth-to-lungs and direct-to-lungs draws. As a transiting smoker, the mouth-to-lungs draws will give you a stronger throat hit simulating a feeling like you are smoking a cigarette. This helps you transition more smoothly. In addition, advanced mods of starter kits devices are now equipped with variable wattage and temperature control. Because with vaping the more you experience it the more cloud and vaper you want. Some kits like pens are also small and easily portable. These features make them very popular among new and experienced vapers looking for an out-of-home experience.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are generally advanced versions of starter mods with a stronger performance. They are designed with powerful batteries, strong heating capacities and temperature control (variable voltage and wattage) to produce large clouds and flavour. Most mods are also compatible with all types of tanks. This allows you to personalise your vaping experience to fit your personal desires. Note that tanks have a way of enhancing your vaping experience to performances you might not even know exist. Like mention before, the vaping industry is one of the most competitive in the world. In such, different manufacturers will also have other additional features such as Bluetooth compatibility, battery status icon, colour changing displays and touchscreen displace to improve efficiency and device smartness.  

Please note that because of the advanced technology applied in their manufacture, vape mods are complicated and needs learning and experience to use them correctly. Read the user manual and familiarise yourself with the device before you start vaping. If you find it difficult to safely use your mod, ask an experienced friend or contact our customer care team. We are here for your sake. 

Vape Tanks

Vape tanks are the e-liquid reservoirs. In all the current vaping devices, the tanks can be detached for cleaning and refilling. Besides holding the e-liquid, vape tanks come in different designed and additional functionalities. Some have a larger capacity to hold an all-day e-liquid (this only applies if you are a moderate vaper). Some have adjustable airflow, which allows you to switch between mouth-to-lungs and direct-to-lungs vaping. The airflows also enhance the quality and quantity of vapour and flavour produced.  You will also find sub-ohm tanks which operate with higher wattages giving you an exceptional production of flavour and vapour. More advanced tanks like the rebuildable tank atomisers (RTA) and rebuildable drip atomisers (RDA) are known for large cloud productions. However, you will need to build and wick the coils which need some expertise.  Be sure to read the user manual to know which tanks are compatible with your device mod or pen.

Vape Coils

coil is a small electronic device that is screwed on the tank and has a connector to the battery. It consists of heating rods and wicked chambers which are saturated with e-liquid. Once the pen or mod is fired, the coils heat-up evaporating the e-liquid soaked by the wicks to produce inhalable vapour.  Vape coils vary on their heat resistance to enhance performance and vaping preferences. High heat resistance coils have enhanced flavour production while low heat resistance has enhanced cloud production. The heat resistance of the coils is usually printed on the coil. But make sure to read the manual to know the power voltages and wattages are safe for your coils. Too much power may cause the coils to short-circuit.  As a vape beginner using stock coils, make sure to replace them at least once a week because the wicks tend to burn out or weaken quickly. Burnt wicks give out dry paper burn smell and taste which is not pleasant.  If not changed, your cloud will have a taste and smell of a dry burn, which is not pleasant at all.


Shortfill and Nicotine Shots

The Eliquid Boutique has a wide- range of nicotine e-liquids, nicotine-free e-liquidsshortfill e-liquids and nicotine shots. They all come in different flavours and sizes so you can choose the one that serves your vaping desires best. By default, all e-liquids packed in containers more than 10ml are nicotine free. But most manufacturers package them as shortfill e-liquids allowing a space to fit 10ml nicotine shot to create nicotine- e-liquid. Most people find this choice more convenient and economical.  

E-liquids with Nicotine

You can also buy pre-mixed e-liquids-with-nicotine packaged in 10ml bottles here. Browse through our website to pick your preferred nicotine strength and flavour.

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