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Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique - Online Vape Shop London UK

Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique, vape shop London UK page. Here you can browse our e-liquid collection and buy e-liquid online. At The Eliquid Boutique, we stock premium e-liquid brands from the UK and USA. We are especially renowned for our high-VG e-liquid range. If you are not feeling like venturing out to your local vape shop either because you are busy or it is raining or cold outside, you can choose and order your favourite e-liquid brands on our online vape shop London UK. We deliver e-liquid across the UK, including London, Kent, Cambridge, Manchester and other cities and counties.

At The Eliquid Boutique vape shop London UK, we pride ourselves for our outstanding customer service and an excellent range of premium e-liquid and associated vaping products. We are always on a lookout for great e-liquid brands and shall be updating our vape shop regularly. Make sure to check back regularly to see new e-liquid collections.

When choosing your e-liquid brands and flavours, please ensure that you indicate your nicotine strength preference at checkout. Please note that some of the brands may only have their e-liquid in a limited nicotine range, such as 3mg for example. Usually we deliver within a few days, but this will depend on the courier or the post office and is therefore out of our control the moment the e-liquid leaves us.

Choosing your e-liquid brand, flavour and nicotine preference can indeed be a difficult and nebulous task. With so many e-liquid brands, the flavour profiles are not readily apparent. We strongly recommend that you read the flavour profiles of each e-liquid as well as the description of the brand. This should provide you with some more information about the e-liquid in question and hopefully aid you towards reaching a decision. When ordering e-liquid online, also pay attention to the nicotine strength and choose the strength that you vape or if you are new to vaping, make sure that you do your independent research into nicotine and vaping. Most of the e-liquid brands at The Eliquid Boutique come in high VG or vegetable glycerine content. VG is essentially responsible for the large vapour production whilst PG or propylene glycol is responsible for carrying the flavour. To put it simply, more VG equals larger vapour clouds and in some cases, less intense flavours. On the other hand, lower VG and higher PG content e-liquid produces less vapour but more flavour. When picking your e-liquid, consider what device you are using and what VG:PG proportion is suitable. As you may well recall, clearomisers only take high-PG e-liquid because VG is too thick to travel through the wick. Sub-tanks can generally handle up to 60% VG e-liquid, whilst mechanical mods are more suited to high VG e-liquid (anywhere from 60% to 100% VG). At our vape shop London UK page, we stock e-liquid in a range of flavour profiles. Taste is inherently subjective and when choosing your e-liquid flavour, you should consider what you food or drinks you like in real life. For example, if you like yoghurt, then you should consider going for yoghurt flavours.

At The Eliquid Boutique, we work very hard to ensure that all of our e-liquid comes only from the most acclaimed and certified e-liquid suppliers. All of our e-liquid is tested for harmful chemicals and is made at certified and state-of-the-art facilities. When purchasing e-liquid from our vape shop, please ensure that you read our terms and conditions and are familiar with the law on electronic cigarettes in your jurisdiction. Keep you e-liquid out of the reach of children at all times. Nicotine is a poisonous substance so please do your research before consuming our products. If you feel that we are missing your favourite e-liquid brand, please let us know and we shall add it to the wish list. Click here to browse our e-liquid collection on our vape shop London UK page.

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