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The Eliquid Boutique: Best Vape Store in Newport, Wales 

Vaping is no longer a thing for the weird youths.  Nowadays, it is a widely accepted practice across all ages. And by the simple fact that you are here, reading this, it means you are one of us. Whether you are just beginning or have been vaping for some time in Newport, Wales, you can attest that the hardest part about vaping is finding high-quality devices at affordable prices. 

In that essence, we are delighted to welcome you to The Eliquid Boutique Newport, Wales.  We supply premium shortfill and nicotine e-liquid, vape tanks, e-cigs, mods and more in Newport, Wales’s area. All our products are carefully selected from reputed vape brands like Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, SMOK, Zenith, Global Hubb, Dr Frost, Vape Dinner Lady and more to make sure we deliver you only the best. Enjoy the latest e-liquids and hardware from The Eliquid Boutique. The world of vaping is highly innovative and competitive. New products are released in the market too often you may have realised it daunting for the brick and mortar shops to truly keep up.  But with our strong partnerships with the manufacturers, we are able to update our products portfolio every week to make sure the new releases are available as soon as logistically possible.  This allows you to try out different devices and liquids while saving both your time and money.

What Matters in Vaping?

As a beginner, vaping is exciting yet a challenging adventure. It involves complex electronic devices and e-liquids that might seem intimidating.  But once you understand how they work and which will sort you best in every stage, you will absolutely love the experience.  

All vaping devices, despite how advanced they may seem, have only three components that matter. These include the battery, atomizer and e-liquid.

  • The Battery is the power source for your vaping device.
  • The atomizer creates the inhalable vapour.
  • The e-liquid is your vape material.

Each one of these components will influence your vaping experience. Purchasing the right product and knowing how to operate them correctly is of importance to your experience.

Vape with the Latest:

Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits

Our starter kit is designed to help a beginner transition smoothly to vaping. They come complete with batteries and atomizers. Some manufacturers may also package a sample e-liquid to get you started. They consist of:

  • Vape Pens

Vape pens come in different styles and consist of a fixed voltage, clearomizers tanks and variable temperature, although these features will vary among manufacturers.  They can be switched between mouth-to-lungs or direct-to-lung devices by adjusting airflow intake.  They also have a balanced vapour-flavour production to make it less confusing for a beginner. Interestingly, vape pens are popular with experience vapers looking for small and discreet devices to use away from home.  

  • Starter (Baby) Mods

These mods come in different designs and sizes. Nonetheless, all starter mods have regulated voltage and come prefixed with the atomiser. Often, starter mods have stronger heating capabilities than pens.  They also have variable voltages, variable wattage and temperature control, although these settings are highly regulated. They are also designed with easy to operate settings to help you learn the basics of a mod before advancing to more powerful mods.  

Vape Mods

Vape mods are advanced e-cigarettes that have a stronger experience. They have powerful batteries and stronger heating mechanisms to give you the perfect vaping experience.

Types of Mods
  • Box Mods

Box mods are popular for their versatility. Most are compatible with different types of tanks allowing you to fine-tune your vaping experience to your personal desires. Depending on the manufacturer, box mods can have built-in rechargeable batteries or replaceable- rechargeable batteries. You can buy them as stand-alone devices or as part of a vape mod kit, depends on your needs.

  • Sub-Ohm Mods

These are known for their capacity to produce huge vapour clouds. They work together with sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm coils.  

  • Temperature Control Mods (TC Mods)

These have temperature controls allowing you to maintain a consistent vapour experience. They should be used with temperature control compatible coils.

Vape Tank

Vape tanks come in different designs and styles including clearomizers, sub tanks and rebuildable (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer and Rebuildable Drip Atomizers). Clearomizers are simply clear tanks that allow you to see the e-liquid inside. These are commonly used on starter e-cigs although they are now becoming more common on advanced devices. Sub-ohm tanks support sub-ohm coils and are specially designed for large vapour production. Rebuildable tanks do not use stock coils. You have to build and wick the coils. But they produce massive clouds and have pronounced flavour that most experienced vapers love.  It might be a good idea to try out the different tanks to see which delivers your desired experience.

Vape Coils

Vape coils are electronic devices attached to the tank and the circuitry system that heat up the e-liquid to produce vaping vapour. You can choose from stock (disposable) or rebuildable depending on the device you choose and personal preference. If you are using stock coils, make sure to read your user manual to know which coils are compatible with your device. Though it is preferred that you stick to your mod/pen brand when it comes to coils.


E-liquids are made from vegetable glycerin, edible propylene glycol and flavourings. E-liquids come either with nicotine or nicotine free. By default, all e-liquids packaged in bottles above 10ml are nicotine free. But you can buy a shortfill e-liquid which has a space to fit a 10ml nicotine shot and mix them up to make a nicotine e-liquid. It is cheaper and more convenient especially if you are a heavy vaper.

We also have nicotine e-liquids packages in 10ml bottles which come in different strengths and flavours. The Eliquid Boutique offers free shipping on all orders over £50.

If you have any questions or need help finding a product,  please be free to contact our customer service desk for expert assistance.

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