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Welcome to The Eliquid Boutique, an online vape shop based in the UK. At The Eliquid Boutique, you can buy high vg eliquid from many popular e-juice brands such as E-LUXE LONDON, MY JUICY AFFAIR, SQUARE 47 and many others. As an online vape shop, our focus is on premium e-liquid brands with a higher VG content, which are especially ideal for Sub Ohmers, Cloud Chasers and advanced vapers who appreciate a quality vape. Most of our e-juices come in 70VG and 30PG ratio. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting premium e-liquid brands to keep our loyal customers intrigued. Make sure to check our online vape shop regularly since we are constantly adding new e-juice brands and flavours to our shop page. As a company, we take quality and safety very seriously, and for this reason, whilst we stock many popular brands, our focus is also on less well known brands. Most of our e-liquid is handcrafted in small batches to the highest levels of quality and compliance before it is steeped to perfection. When taking on new high VG e-liquid brands, we conduct a very thorough and rigorous exercise to confirm what we are told by the e-liquid manufacturers is in fact true. This helps us to ensure that all e-liquid at The Eliquid Boutique online vape shop is of the highest quality and safe for consumption. All of the e-liquid is made in a cleanroom environment, which helps to ensure that it is unadulterated and safe for consumption in so far as hygiene goes without making any medical representations.

How to Choose your High VG E-Liquid Flavour?

With literally thousands of flavour combinations and e-liquid brands, choosing your high-VG e-liquid may be a difficult and seemingly overwhelming task. When choosing your e-liquid flavour it is important to think about the flavours that you enjoy on the dining scene. E-Liquids use food grade flavourings which are not too different from flavourings used in e-liquid production. For example, if you enjoy desserts and creams, you should consider choosing creamy and dessert-based e-liquid flavours. Taste is inherently subjective and it is difficult to choose an e-liquid flavour simply on the basis of a description or a label. From our experience, we find that choosing your perfect e-liquid flavour is more or less a trial and error exercise. You may find that you have to get through dozens of bottles of e-liquid before you meet your perfect match. Here are a few things to take onboard when choosing your ecig e-liquid flavours. When browsing our online vape shop, click on the profile of each e-liquid flavour to learn more about it. You may find that a lot of e-liquid flavour profiles can sometimes be quite nebulous. This is partially because every e-liquid manufacturer tries to keep the e-liquid recipe a secret. However, e-juice manufacturers will state the dominant flavour profile, but will omit the “secret” ingredients that give their flavour an edge. Again, there are several things you can consider. Firstly, look at the country in which the e-liquid has been made. You will find that e-liquids from the same region may share some similarities as far as the flavour goes. This can be due to many reasons. Some e-liquid brands use a central manufacturer who procures their flavourings and base ingredients from the same company. You may also find that a lot of e-liquid companies prefer to source their flavourings and base ingredients domestically because it is quicker as far as shipment goes, cheaper and safer to the extent of compliance. This is not, however, true of all e-liquid companies because some like to use a variety of flavourings from manufacturers around the world. Most e-liquid flavourings are actually very different. So for example, you may have a raspberry, which you may think is just a raspberry. All it takes is to try all raspberry flavours form different manufacturers to find that you can have a sweet raspberry, a sour raspberry, a forest raspberry, an aromatic raspberry, a baked raspberry and so forth. Such a plethora of e-liquid flavourings means that it is difficult to achieve the same flavour as someone else. A good starting point is to identify the flavour categories that you like and work through different e-liquid brands until you find your ideal e-juice to vape. This may be expensive and you may prefer to visit your local vape shop where you are likely to be given different e-liquid flavours to try. Another thing to bear in mind is that whilst you may have a flavour that you like, you will find that your vaping habits will change very regularly. Our recommendation is that if you have a favourite e-liquid flavour, try not to vape it too often since you can run the risk of getting bored of it. Try to treat yourself to it.

What Nicotine Strength Should I Choose with My High VG E-Liquid?

When choosing your nicotine strength, you should consider your nicotine and vaping habits. High VG e-liquid usually comes in lower nicotine strengths because advanced vaping devices such as mechanical mods, sub tanks, RTAs and RDAs produce very large vapour clouds because they work at higher temperatures. This translates into a greater nicotine intake and a mouth to lung hit. It is therefore very sensible to go for a lower nicotine content such as 0mg or 3mg. Higher nicotine e-liquid is really meant for those who are looking to quit smoking through the use of electronic cigarettes. When deciding on your ideal nicotine strength, it is always advisable to read more on nicotine and its properties and dangers as well as to consult your doctor.

What is VG?

VG or vegetable glycerine is a thick and viscous substance found in e-liquid that is responsible for the vapour production. Higher VG e-liquid contains more VG than PG (propylene glycol), which means that high VG eliquid is ideal for drippers, cloud chasers, sub ohmers and vapers using more advanced e-cigarettes such as mechanical mods or subtanks. Some vapers opt for 100% VG e-liquid because they have an allergy to PG. VG is commonly found in medicines and common household goods. PG or propylene glycol is a flavour carrier and it is also responsible for the throat hit.

Premium High VG E-Liquid Manufacturer

At The Eliquid Boutique, we manufacture several e-liquid brands with a higher VG content especially for drippers, sub ohmers and cloud chasers. Our e-liquid collection ranges from the sweet and seductive MY JUICY AFFAIR COLLECTION to the classy and sophisticated SQUARE 47 and E-LUXE LONDON. All of our e-liquid is made using UK and USA sourced flavours in order to produce unique e-liquid combinations of highest quality. Our e-liquid is handcrafted in small batches in a cleanroom environment to ensure complete safety and hygiene. We use several steeping methods to bring out the very best of our e-liquid flavours. We have set out to produce our high VG e-liquid lines with the view of coming out with truly unique and exciting flavours. Our aim is to make each flavour enjoyable and unforgettable.

Premium High VG E-Liquid Wholesaler

We regularly supply vape shop with our high VG premium e-liquid lines in the UK, USA, Russia, France, Australia and South Africa. If you are looking for premium e-liquid at competitive prices, you have come to the right place. We are constantly researching and adding new and exciting e-liquid brands to keep our customers intrigued. There is nothing worse than coming into a vape shop and seeing the same e-liquid brands and flavours time and time again. We operate a very flexible business model that allows us to operate without a minimum order quantity to make our premium e-liquid brands accessible to small and large vape shops alike. To buy high vg eliquid brands at wholesale prices, simply contact us today.

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