Can CBD Help Arthritis?

Can CBD Help Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common health problem in the world. The disease, which is a leading cause of disability, affects over 350 million people globally. Over the years, the number of people suffering from this disease has been increasing. Now almost every community in the world is being hit by the disaster of arthritis. 

Clinical specialists, on their part, have been looking for ways to treat arthritis with many leaning towards finding alternatives to prescription and OTC pain medications in the management of arthritis pain. One remedy has risen to the challenge and promises to change how arthritis patients live with the condition. Currently, cannabidiol known to many as CBD is receiving a lot of attention as an option for treating arthritis.

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plants and offers a range of health benefits and has the potential to aid in arthritis and various other conditions. Out of the many studies conducted, most have yielded promising results. You might want to learn about these researches.

What Studies Show CBD Can Help With Arthritis?

One study in 2006 on a cannabis-based mouth spray Sativex aided in arthritis pain relief. Sativex was reported to be made from a cannabis extract that contained CBD and THC.

In 2011 a study on rats showed CBD aids in relieving inflammatory pain by changing how the pain receptors respond to stimuli. Since Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) causes inflammation, which leads to pain in the hands and feet joints, it is very understandable to see how intake of CBD can reduce arthritis pain.

CBD may be an effective treatment for Osteoarthritis (OA), the degenerative disease that affects joints bones and cartilage and often affects the thumb, knee, and hip joints. This was determined in a review conducted in 2014 on animals. In support of this, a 2017 research found CBD to a safe treatment option for OA.

Another research done in 2016, confirmed that CBD has the potential to reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. No scientific conclusions have been made that CBD can help with arthritis, but most of the studies if the cannabinoid can help arthritis conducted have had a lot of success. 

The results from the clinical researches done have been encouraging and could help the experts in finding a way much better alternative to the treatment of arthritis.

Additionally, studies conducted recently suggest that CBD oil could play a significant role in arthritis treatment. Experts agree that when looking for an alternative to pain relievers, CBD offers an effective approach to arthritis pain management. These experts, nevertheless, advise that the effectiveness of CBD can vary from one arthritis patient to the other and more research on this needs to be done.

What If I Want To Take CBD For My Arthritis?

The use of CBD oil for arthritis by people is at its infancy and therefore has concerns. However, there’s no reason why one shouldn’t take CBD to treat arthritis. There are almost zero risks of using CBD since it comes with very little side effects, which may not occur to all users. So if your region legal regulations allow consumption of CBD, find an expert who can guide you on how you can consume cannabidiol.

A specialist will advise on the best form of intake for CBD and will help you get the right dosage and balance of the cannabinoid as well as self-care. There are trusted sellers who will provide reliable information and quality CBD products that might work better than other medications.

Some of the CBD sellers have testimonials of people who have used cannabidiol to manage arthritis pain and had had positive results. You, too, may benefit from CBD. Ensure you learn about the available categories of CBD from a CBD seller. You will then know whether you should take the CBD Isolate or the Full Spectrum type of CBD for your arthritis.

Are There Any Concerns For Arthritis Patients Intending To Consume CBD?

While a lot of success is available that CBD can help arthritis, it is important to know that the FDA of USA does not approve the cannabinoid as a clinical treatment for arthritis. For those wanting to try CBD oil on the skin, you are advised to try on a small part since it has been known to cause an allergic reaction although to very few consumers.

The few studies on people have shown that the majority of people can tolerate CBD quite well when compared to other remedies for conditions. Still, there are some mild side effects of a few people such as fatigue, changes in appetite and weight as well as diarrhoea.

You should always consider talking to an expert before taking CBD for arthritis. Also, remember the cannabinoid is not legal everywhere.

What’s The Take Away On Whether CBD Can Help Arthritis?

While clinical researchers and experts can go on and on about CBD and its effectiveness in treating arthritis, the biggest question that the patient has is whether this cannabinoid can help arthritis. Specialists say that CBD can help arthritis, but more research needs to be done. They also consider cannabidiol as the better option, thanks to its relatively few side effects and being a natural product from plants.

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