Can You Breastfeed Whilst Taking CBD Oil?

Can You Breastfeed Whilst Taking CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil as a medication for a number of conditions has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Interest about CBD has been increasing with this cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant offering a range of health benefits. 

As more and more health benefits are being associated with CBD, so are its concerns. One of the many concerns about this amazing cannabinoid making headlines in the medical sector is whether one can breastfeed while taking Cannabidiol.

Why Would A Breastfeeding Mother Consider Using CBD Oil?

There are many health benefits that Cannabidiol offers, which can really help a nursing mother. Maybe these contribute to reasons for mothers to think of using CBD whilst breastfeeding.

It is likely for a breastfeeding mother to suffer from postpartum depression (PPD). PPD can cause anxiety, mood swings and fatigue. These are the depression issues a mother can have that can lead to detachment from their infant. Such mothers take anti-depressants which, due to many side effects to both mother and baby are not recommended. CBD Oil offers a better alternative to managing PPD due to considerably fewer side effects, which are temporary and rarely occur.

By influencing anandamide secretion, the “bliss molecule” neurotransmitter in the brain, a depressed mother may experience happiness, joy and motivation, therefore, can reduce the severe PPD effects. Generally, what happens here is that the positive impact of Cannabidiol on anxiety and mood can make life easier for a lactating mother.

Understandably, breastfeeding mothers require extra calories of between 450-500 more than usual. They need these to make up for what the baby is consuming and may suffer unhealthy weight loss and fatigue without enough calories. Since CBD increases appetite and reduces nausea, it is great for helping nursing mothers with extra diets to supplement their regular diets. This promotes breastfeeding for longer and in turn, helps the mother to bond more with their baby.

Think about the frequent waking up at night that is caused by newborns. You will agree that breastfeeding mothers do not always have a decent sleep. CBD has already been proven to improve the quality of sleep, which is something the mother needs a lot.

What Concerns Do People Have About CBD For Nursing Mothers?

As it is the case with most medications, breastfeeding mother’s worry that CBD could be passed on the baby and affect it.

Even with more studies being conducted to find the effects of CBD on an infant, specialists are advising people against it. In October 2019, for instance, the FDA of the USA warned nursing mothers against using cannabis products like CBD and THC. The FDA believes that CBD may have some risks to newborns if they are breastfed by mothers who ingest Cannabidiol. The authorities also think that numerous CBD products are tainted with contaminations that can harm the baby such as heavy metals, bacteria, fungi and pesticides.

What Is The Takeaway On CBD Oil For A Breastfeeding Mother?

Cannabidiol is used by many breastfeeding women, mainly because of its many health benefits. The anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and neuropathic properties of CBD are just what a nursing mother with ranging types of ailments requires.

While many specialists believe one shouldn’t take CBD specifically due to lack of research to show its effect on the mother or the baby, CBD itself is a very tolerable substance. Most people do not experience the few temporary side effects associated with this cannabinoid. When compared to other medications for depression or pain management in nursing mothers, CBD is a very safe alternative with considerably fewer and less serious negative effects.

Many experts recommend a breastfeeding mother to always seek medical advice from their specialists before consuming CBD. An expert can also help you know which CBD product and dose to take. Always consider looking for trusted sellers in the market.

In conclusion, to know if you can take CBD while breastfeeding, you should weigh the proven benefits against the unproven risks of CBD. Currently, the only thing experts know is that Cannabidiol is good for helping with several issues. 

Even though authorities like the FDA warn against CBD for breastfeeding mother and this cannabinoid is largely unregulated, there’s no evidence that it is dangerous during breastfeeding. At the same time, no clinical data allows a doctor to recommend the use of CBD to a breastfeeding mother.

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