CBD and Anxiety: What You Need to Know

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness, with an estimated 6 million people in the UK alone suffering from anxiety. Every part of a person’s life can be affected by the disorder, ranging from relationships to careers and everything between.

Unfortunately, only 25% of those people are actively receiving treatment for their anxiety disorder. This low figure is often attributed to a lack of access to mental health services, a general lack of awareness around anxiety and stigmas associated with mental illness.

Anxiety relief and management is a wide and complex field that has emerged to help people suffering from anxiety, and the success of various techniques varies from one person to the next. In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD ) has inspired the medical community and emerged as a promising organic treatment for anxiety disorders.

What Is CBD ?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 identified cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Given that high-quality CBD
is pure, it does not contain THC and therefore does not create psychoactive effects.

CBD is an entirely natural solution that can be extracted from cannabis plants using a variety of methods. The effects will vary from one person to the next, depending on a range of factors like the dosage and individual characteristics.

Can CBD Help with Anxiety?

The medical community is currently hard at work exploring the potential of CBD to work as an effective treatment for anxiety.

Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders is a critical piece of neurotherapeutic research that examined a range of clinical trials and concluded that “evidence from human studies strongly supports the potential for CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders.”

If you would like to read the latest research for yourself, Project CBD maintains a comprehensive library of research on CBD and anxiety.

Alongside academic research, there is also a lot of qualitative evidence from individuals that supports the notion CBD can assist with anxiety. Countless individuals suffering from anxiety have explained that CBD has helped them to reduce their symptoms and take back their life.

But why would those individuals choose CBD over other alternatives?

Why CBD is an Effective Anxiety Treatment

There are a collection of reasons that CBD could become the premier treatment method for anxiety and related illnesses.


As common knowledge around CBD continues to improve, more people understand that CBD is not related to the psychoactive highs of general cannabis use. Rather, CBD is beginning to be seen as a viable medicinal product with serious uses.

Governments around the world are legalising CBD and with each new piece of legislation that is signed, thousands of individuals suffering from anxiety gain access to a cost-effective and easily-accessible product.

As CBD continues to be legalised across the globe, we can expect to see it become cemented as a viable treatment for anxiety with many people using it regularly.


Many of the medicines that help people to tackle their anxiety can be expensive and this creates an immediate barrier to entry. CBD , on the other hand, comes in a variety of affordable products from oils to creams and more.

These products do not break the bank, but represent a cost-effective option for those individuals looking to alleviate their symptoms of anxiety.


Many individuals express concern around synthetically-created medicines. While effective, the efficacy of these drugs vary from one individual to the next while also inducing a wide-reaching variety of side effects.

The fear around these drugs can serve to further heighten anxiety and fail to act as an effective treatment for some individuals.


Another reason that people turn to CBD to treat their anxiety is the efficacy of the products. While the results will vary from one person to the next, many individuals report that CBD provides them with immediate and substantial relief from their symptoms.

Given that the products are cheap, accessible and pose no serious side effects, it’s little wonder that more and more people who suffer from anxiety are turning towards CBD for relief.

CBD and Anxiety: Which Products Are Available?

There are a huge range of CBD products available on the market that fit with the lifestyles and priorities of diverse groups.

CBD Oil is perhaps the most popular CBD product given that it is simple to take and quickly enters a person’s bloodstream for effective relief. Alongside CBD Oil, CBD can also be administered using vape liquid, creams and countless other products.

If you would like to explore the range CBD products available, why not take a deeper dive into CBD Oil? This is the most popular CBD product and in our blog post you can learn about why people use CBD oil.

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