CBD and Migraines - Get Your Roll-on!


It may be hard to grasp the idea that rubbing or rolling on CBD on the neck and head can assist in alleviating symptoms of headaches and migraines, but growing evidence has been collected and the clinical trials have begun. Unfortunately at this point in the cannabis community, many are depending on anecdotal data. This is still very useful, but it is also disappointing to know the research has lagged behind.

People tire from repetitive use of pharmaceuticals. Or don’t even start them. Whatever the reason,  those turning to CBD each are here for the same reason. Relief.

Would one be more open to believing that there are many other essential oils in the world that can deliver headache relief as well? Like peppermint oil, or rosemary oil. Sometimes society fails to remember that ALL of these pharmaceutical medications that have been ‘proven to work with or without side effects’ or ‘a medical miracle’ ONCE started out from the earth. Sometimes completely by accident.

There seems to be better understanding on consuming CBD for headaches and the benefits of doing so, but growing in popularity are very solid concepts that CBD topicals can give relief within minutes for these disorders as well. Which means faster results, and/or less commitment. I guarantee once you get relief from something as simple as applying a CBD topical to your forehead, you’ll be convinced and ready to drink the Kool Aid. 

‘Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, a Vancouver-based naturopathic doctor specializing in ethnomedicine and ethnopharmacology, agrees the theory of topical cannabis relief for headaches is sound, especially given cannabis’s known anti-inflammatory benefits.’ “Right now, topicals are most useful for joint-type pain, muscle pain and skin rashes such as eczema, acne and psoriasis,” he says. By extension, a cannabis product could also be helpful for headaches, which are often inflammatory in nature.

Fact of the matter is, headaches are caused by numerous problems. Some headaches are caused due to inflammation, or when the muscles tighten around the base of the skull. And other headaches are caused by blood vessels in the brain running berserk. Differentiating the exact cause of headaches can be seemingly impossible. And leaves us again, with the trial and error side of CBD. Kuprowsky says that other issues can be lessened using CBD too, like migraine pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

The good part about not knowing which CBD product to try, is that you can start almost anywhere as long as the products are tested and trusted. The cannabis community isn’t throwing you into a cage and waiting on side effects. We’ve taken the tests ourselves, and didn’t need guinea pigs. Thousands of people are having very similar (and very different) results using CBD - and then you have the population of firm non-believers and/or failed ‘patients.’

These are all things you will have to decide for yourself. Everyone is different and what it takes to help one person may be on the complete opposite side of the spectrum for you. Another lovely fact about modern CBD is the prices are becoming more and more affordable. The extraction of CBD is expensive and done in a lot of different ways, and taken in different routes just like any medication. Many factors consider the price of CBD.

It may be to your benefit, that a simpler route of CBD consumption is what works. So that is the absolute best way to start. A lot of times, you can come into a reputable CBD distributor for FREE samples. Just like Charlotte CBD in Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC.

Topical creams for headaches are gaining popularity, because of their clarity and simplicity. You aren’t orally consuming anything. Nor are you inhaling anything (which is one of the number one routes to take CBD- because of the instant relief and high bioavailability). There are HUNDREDS of CBD creams, oils, and salves to choose from. Now which one do you choose?

I like to recommend something that is a high strength potency and an actual oil rather than a thicker consistency cream, lotion, or salve. Creams and Salves would work well too, but are commonly used more for larger areas of the body, not to mention, thick creams can clog and block pores and can potentially cause breakouts - this does not mean you cannot use them, just do a patch test because she skin on your face can be very sensitive. CBD roll-on oils are usually smaller in size, but pack a large percentage of CBD. They are small and portable and fit into any pocket for a reason.

Topical roll on CBD manufacturers take many approaches to alleviate symptoms. They are created with a broad range of consumers in mind. Some companies use essential oil blends infused with CBD. These companies have identified the best herbs, terpenes, and cannabinoid mixtures to do very specific jobs.

Topical Roll-On CBD products can also be broad spectrum. This means there is much more than just CBD in the bottle. You can see specific cannabinoid content by viewing these product’s Certificates of Analysis or COAs. This will break down percentages of the different cannabinoids that are in the product. The most common cannabinoid that is in these products is obviously CBD, but other cannabinoids like CBG are gaining popularity for their specific benefits.

 In some cases, people respond better to different cannabinoids - but there is no way to find out which ones work best for you until you try them (unless you are a scientist that is!) I have even heard of DNA tests that can tell you which strains of Cannabis will help you the best considering your genealogy and your ancestors place of origin. But this is still a new concept (to me) and I’m sure there is much more research to be found on the topic.

Essential Oils come in to play with most CBD topicals. Whether it is for fragrance or actual beneficial attributes, is completely up to the creator of these products. Essential Oils can do both. Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. However, some of the health claims associated with these oils are controversial - just like cannabis. Some essential oils can be applied topically or even ingested.

When CBD and essential oils are mixed, they could potentially be working twice as hard. You get benefits from both separately. When combined this is considered ‘an entourage effect’. This is very common with different cannabinoids as well as terpenes. Every part of the mixture works together to maximize your benefits. 

I have included a list of some favorable CBD infused topical roll-ons. Each with a very beautiful and specific mixture of essential oils infused with CBD. Take a look at the differences between each roll-on and consider this as a starter product especially if you are looking specifically for topicals. This can go much further than headaches and migraines, but these are my #1 choice on the topic. 

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