Does CBD And Coffee Really Mix And Should You Try It?

From vaping to tinctures, many people have discovered the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Perhaps, that’s why everywhere you look CBD is being added to creams, pet treats, gummies lotions and now – your beverages. 

Specifically, ‘CBD coffee’, is becoming increasingly popular. That is, a few drops of CBD oil mixed in with your morning cup of joe. But what exactly is CBD coffee, how does it work and is it something that you should even consider? 

After all, it is a strange combination – the jittery effects of coffee with the calming effects of CBD, right?

Let’s take a deep dive look.

CBD And Coffee Explained

Coffee probably doesn’t need any explanation. It is made from coffee beans, and billion cups of it are consumed every week. People rely on it as part of their early morning routine as the active ingredient is caffeine, a stimulant that can produce the following effects:

Reduced fatigue and tiredness



The jitters 

Boosted metabolism

CBD, on the other hand, is a cannabinoid and an active ingredient in cannabis. It does not get you high (like THC), although it does help with a myriad of symptoms such as anxiety, pain and nausea. It’s these calming effects that have catapulted CBD oil into people’s daily routines.

Because CBD is a relaxant and caffeine is a stimulant, it seems counter-intuitive to mix CBD and caffeine to create CBD Coffee. In theory, it should be like driving a car with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas pedal.

While there is not much scientific research on this combination, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence.  Some consumers of CBD coffee claim that it can give you the ‘alertness’ benefit of caffeine without giving you the jitters associated with caffeine consumption. Essentially, the combination seems to take the edge off the caffeine hit for them while still giving them the energetic benefits.

How To Properly Consume CBD Coffee

For the right dosage of CBD in your coffee, about ½ a dropper is a good place to start. Wait and see how you feel. If you’re not feeling much change, increase the dose to ¾ of a dropper and then 1 full dropper.

As CBD oil isn’t water-soluble, you’ll need to add something oil-based such as butter or coconut oil to ensure that the CBD is infused properly. You can drink it without doing this extra step, but you’ll find the CBD doesn’t mix as well.

You might also need to give your coffee a quick zap with a stick blender once it’s been made to make sure everything’s mixed well so that the CBD oil doesn’t just sit on the top of the coffee.

Another alternative is using CBD-infused honey. It’s much easier to make CBD coffee this way because you don’t have to worry about mixing oil-based and water-based ingredients. Having said that, as honey is a sweetener this method will only work for you if you like your coffee sweet.

You can also buy CBD-infused coffee beans, although these might be on the expensive side. If you’re not interested in making your own CBD coffee there are cannabis coffee shops springing up where someone else will make your CBD coffee for you. You might have seen it on the menu at your local cafe or advertised in a can of cold brew at a wellness and health shop. That option is always there! 

CBD Coffee Risks 

Because CBD is still so new in many markets, there is very little research around this combination. But you can make sure you get the best quality by buying all your products from reputable sellers.

When you’re considering how much to use, don’t assume that it isn’t working if you don’t experience an instant effect. 

In the same way that if you bake cannabis into a cake, it’ll take longer to take effect than if you smoke it. If you use CBD oil in coffee it won’t have an instant effect. That’s because CBD oil is being ingested rather than inhaled and the method of consumption impacts how quickly the effects kick in.

As mentioned, start with a low CBD dose and work up from there. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and measure from that point. 

Final Thoughts On CBD Coffee

The number of people who are enthusiastic about CBD coffee suggests that it certainly has its benefits. It’s relatively easy to make CBD coffee and its ever-increasing popularity is a sure sign that many people are turning to this as a stopper to their anxiety, pain or stress.

When you try out the blend of coffee and CBD oil, let us know how your energy and anxiety levels go! 

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