Your Guide on How To Use CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is a relatively new form of CBD so it’s likely you haven’t come across it before.

Luckily, we’re here to tell you all you need to know.

Essentially, CBD distillate is a concentrated form of CBD and it’s a lot stronger than most other CBD products. When it comes to distillate, here are two main things to consider when it comes to using this product  – the dose and your preferred method of consumption.

Your preferred method of consumption is something that’s critical. Depending on how you consume this versatile CBD substance, both the effects and duration of your CBD distillate can vary. Taking into account the vastly different dosage amounts compared to other, more conventional concentrates, learning how to navigate the mysterious world of CBD distillates can be difficult. 

Interested in discovering the best practices of how to use CBD distillate? How much to take?  Let’s explore the many ways you can consume “the clear” together! 

The Dose

The dose is probably the most important thing to consider. CBD distillate isn’t called “the pure” without good reason.  While not as strong as CBD isolate, quality distillate is typically at least 80 percent CBD. For reference CBD oil is usually under 4 percent. In other words, CBD distillate is around twenty times stronger than CBD oil. It’s great if you need a stronger form of CBD for medicinal reasons or whatever, but by the same token, it also means that CBD distillate needs to be treated with respect.

Because of its massively increased potency, the dose is something you have to take into consideration. Compared to concentrates like shatter and wax, distillate definitely offers more in terms of amount to potency. 

If you’re new to this form of CBD, start off with a relatively low dose and work your way up until you reach your sweet spot.

Consuming CBD Distillate

So by this point, you’ve decided that you like the idea of a more potent CBD product and you’re wondering how to use CBD distillate. You’re just wondering how you can use it. There are five main methods: 



Food and Drink




If you prefer vaping to smoking, CBD distillate cartridges are available. 

Since vaping doesn’t produce as much smoke as conventional combustion or nearly as much of a pungent odour as smoking CBD flower, vaping is a great, discreet way to medicate.

Food and Drink

Because CBD distillate is already decarboxylated it can be added to food and drink with no further preparation needed. And as it is flavourless it can be added to anything without altering the flavor.

Just remember that it’s a lot more potent than other forms of CBD… You’ll thank yourself if you start off with an amount that you don’t think is enough when you first start using it in your cooking, but you’ll hate yourself if you throw caution to the wind and use too much.


If you like smoking, you can add CBD distillate to your joints when you roll them. Simply spread a little bit along the length of your joint and allow it to be soaked up by the flower before finishing the roll. The same applies if you like to use a bong.

Bear in mind that if it’s your first time trying a CBD distillate, you’re better off using less than you think you need. You can always add more to your next joint if you feel that a bit more is needed.


CBD topicals can be used to treat inflammation, pain, eczema and even acne. And you can use CBD distillate to make topicals to treat those things by mixing your CBD distillate with something like coconut oil.

However, unless you’re desperate for a high-octane topical CBD product you’d probably be better advised to get a standard topical CBD product. If nothing else, it’d be a lot more cost-effective to do it that way.


If you want an instant hit from your CBD distillate, dabbing is the best option. You’ll need a dab rig and a butane torch to vaporize the distillate.

This is not the best method for a novice to use CBD distillate. Even people who are used to using CBD on a regular basis should be careful when using a dab rig with CBD distillate for the first time.

The potency of CBD distillate combined with the fact that dabbing means it hits your system almost instantly means that dabbing should only be considered by people who know what they’re doing.

Final Thoughts On CBD Distillate

Because CBD distillates are more potent than many other CBD products, they need to be treated with care.

But if you need a proper CBD hit, CBD distillates should be on your shopping list. They’re a lot more potent than most of the other CBD products available and can be consumed in a number of ways.

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