CBD for Dogs: Happy and Restful Canines

Naturally, many dog owners are hesitant when approaching CBD as a substance that their dogs. Some people worry about whether or not Cannabidiol could be an effective way to alleviate certain issues. Although the FDA has not deemed CBD as a way of treating anything, users and customers have told us CBD on their dog works like a charm.

With the love that many Americans have for their furry best friends, they want to make sure they're taking care of them properly. This means using anything that can potentially help them their dog. If you are one of these individuals, here is a brief guide about dogs using CBD oil and the role it could play in the health of canines.

CBD for Dogs


It can be a common mistake to think that there is a special type of CBD oil that is designed for dogs. CBD for dogs is actually just plain CBD that is given to your best friend. Another common mistake made by those who are not knowledgeable about this, is that they think that Cannabidiol  will get their dog high. Unlike THC, CBD has many of the helpful benefits that can be found in THC but without the psychoactive properties. This means that your canine does not need to lie down for a nap everytime you give them CBD oil.

From what other users and previous customers have reported, CBD helps their dog calm down and possibly relieve them from anxiety. Overall, CBD is a very versatile substance that can help with different things for dogs.

How Does It Affect Canines?

Like humans, dogs too have an endocannabinoid system consisting of receptors that contained within their bodies. This system helps to regulate all of their body’s processes by producing chemical compounds known as endocannabinoid that bind to these receptors.

When a dog is sick or dealing with a condition, the system becomes overwhelmed and isn’t able to properly regulate itself.

However, there are said to be some side effects such as dry mouth and drowsiness. In addition, there is even less of a body of research on dogs than there is on humans.

How CBD Can Help Dogs

The effects may differ depending on how the dog responds to the CBD. Let’s take a look at some of the most common symtpoms or ailments that users have said it helps in their canines.


CBD oil for dog seizures in the same way that humans can. In fact, many of the different causes of seizures in humans, such as abnormal brain activity or exhaustion, are also driving factors behind seizures in dogs. These types of incidents can be dangerous and most of the medications used to treat these issues in dogs can also cause severe damage to the vital organs. CBD for epilepsy has been created and FDA approved for humans, called Epidiolex. 


Nausea is unpleasant for the dog and also bad for the human as the will have to clean it up when all is said and done. It can be made even worse when the dog consistently experiences nausea. Cannabidiol might be able to help by calming down your dog’s stomach.


Dogs play hard and over time, all this hard play can lead to inflammation and arthritis. Your dog may even have inflammation in certain parts if they lightly injure themselves when they are out and about. This condition can be rather painful for the dog, making it harder for them to move around and be their happy selves. 


Stress is not just a condition that is found in humans. Although you may think there would be no reason for a dog could be stressed, there are plenty of problems that lead to this. While stress is something that is natural, too much stress leads to chronic stress, which can have a huge impact on the body. 


Have you ever got ready for work, only to find that your dog was already knowingly worrying about your departure? Dogs get anxious as well and this can manifest in any number of ways such as having accidents in the house or chewing up things that were not meant to be toys.

Like with stress, CBD may be able to calm your dog down so that they can return to a state of normalcy and relaxation. Separation anxiety is a big deal in dogs. This makes it a great option for dogs who have too much on their plate.

Joint pain

As we stated in the inflammation section, joint pain can occur as a result of many years of living. As dogs age, they most certainly experience this joint pain and it can be seen in the way that they move slower and perform less activities that they previously loved.

After so many people gave CBD oil to their dogs, some of them have said that it was able to help combat the pain and inflammation that comes with joint pain. After, they were able to get around easier and live happier as they continue to age. Hip dysplasia is another big issue in dogs that can happen over time.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Some dogs have serious gastrointestinal issues that lead to diarrhea. This may be attributed to a variety of different health issues but it is important that you tackle GI problems as soon as they start.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms can occur as a result of injury, neurological issues, or even plain dehydration and typically aren’t too much of an issue. If they are constant, however, they may lead to cramping. This can be painful for your dog and impact how well they are able to function. 

How to Give your Dog CBD?

It’s very simple to give your dog CBD so that they can experience some of the benefits listed above. Although it may seem like a mistake to give them Cannabidiol in the same fashion that you would a human, there is actually no difference. You and your dog can take CBD oil the same way. If you’re curious as to how this would work, continue reading below for two of the most common distribution methods.

Tincture Oil on Their Treat/Food 

CBD tincture oils are not just for humans. Dogs can consume tincture oils as well, although they may not take it straight out of the bottle as we do. To give your dog tincture oils, you can put a couple of drops into their foods or on their treats before you give it to them. Tincture oils are extremely potent and easily able to be dosed, making it a perfect option for dogs. If your dog doesn’t enjoy the taste of straight Cannabidiol oil, you can also find a manufacturer that makes more desirable flavors.

CBD Dog Snacks

Humans have edibles and dogs have CBD dog snacks! If you don’t feel like adding CBD oil to their food and treats or if your dog rejects the additional substance, you can instead feed them delicious treats that already come pre-loaded with Cannabidiol. These treats usually come with specified doses and make it easy to make sure that your dog is getting the amount that is recommended.

CBD Pills for Dogs

Some dogs don't like all types of treats. With dog snacks for CBD, the selection is very limited. Some pet owners use pills for dogs to make sure their best friend is getting the proper dosage the dog needs. It's easy to put it in the dogs wet food or to break it up and put it in their foods.


CBD is linked directly to the endocannabinoid system. That being said, it is important to be careful with this type of product in dog treatments as there is not an extensive amount of research. Use this guide simply as a way to explore possible natural treatments for your dog and proceed with caution before giving your dog any CBD.

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