Choosing Your First Vape Kit

Choosing Your First Vape Kit

Read our guide to find out how to choose your first vape kit. Vaping appeals to all different walks of people. There are those who want to quit smoking cigarettes due to their negative impacts on health but they enjoy the process of smoking. Vaping can be an alternative to cigarettes that still allows people to enjoy smoking. There are also those who are interested in vaping because of the growing community around it. Vaping has the potential to change people’s lives and for that reason, many are curious about incorporating it into their lives. Whatever your reason for being interested in vaping, you’re not going to know everything right away. This is a short guide to some tips for developing your first vape kit in order to assist you in your foray towards vaping. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different perspectives out there and this is just one list of ideas. Find what works best for you for the best vaping experience.

A lot of people are first exposed to vaping by purchasing a cigarette look-a-like a their local convenience or gas station. These e-cigarettes arrived on the market when the cigarette industry couldn’t deny the growth of vaping. These are often cheap and after some use many go back to regular cigarettes. People are more likely to stick with vaping if they have a more complete vape kit that includes a real vape.

Fortunately, it does not cost a lot to create a vaping kit. If you are a regular smoker, there is a likelihood that you are already spending a lot on cigarettes so vaping can be a more cost effective option. The issue with starting out in vaping is that there are so many options available it can be hard for beginner to navigate the plethora of choices. This guide is intended to help you sift through the various options and work towards getting started with your new vaping lifestyle.

Let’s talk about what you need to get started. To begin, you will want something cost-that works. You are looking at about $50 to start out with a decent vape. Depending on what you want, you could spend a little more or less. One of the fun things about vaping is that you have the option to customize, so you can get essentially whatever you want depending on how much you are willing to spend.

To get started there are a variety of items you will have to get in order to complete your beginner vaping kit. You will need a battery which is what will power your e-cig; a tank which is what stores the e-liquid; a battery charger (just like a cell phone); e-liquid, which comes in a variety of flavours, essentially if you can think of a flavour, there is likely an e-liquid out there that matches it. Your best bet in the beginning stages is to go to a local vape shop and ask about what they have to offer for each of these components. They may also be able to assist you in creating your initial vape kit. As noted, you have the capacity to customize each one of these components so in combination with consulting guides like this it is a good idea to build a relationship with your local retailer so they can guide you through customization.

When you are starting out, the best battery is either an EGO style battery or an EVOD style battery. Make note that these names are not manufacturers, rather they refer to the style of battery. Different manufacturers will carry different brands of EGO and EVOD batteries. The average price you are looking to pay for a battery is between $20 and $25. Consult with your local provider to determine which type of battery will best fit your needs.

In terms of tanks, there are a lot of options out there because there are a lot of manufacturers. There are two brands that are best recommended for beginners though. Two of the recommended brands are Kanger or Aspire. These companies have created a name for themselves by creating reputable tanks. Some considerations to keep in mind when it comes to tanks is that you will want to make sure that it is reusable and that it has a wick that can be replaced. Both the recommended brands have these options.

In terms of a charger, all you need is a simple and inexpensive battery charger. Make sure that it is compatible with the type of battery you choose. Make sure never to charge your battery using your computer as it could short circuit and cause a fire.

Now for the fun stuff: e-juice. When you’re searching for an e-juice you will want to look for one that comes from a reputable company that uses premium, pharmaceutical grade products. There are so many e-juices available out there, take your time to explore your options. Picking a great e-juice can set the tone for a positive vaping experience. It might be fun to try a few and make notes as you go along so you remember what you like best. That way you can search for different ones in the same category. Just to note e-juices come with nicotine in them and not in them so keep this in mind. Look for an e-juice that is USA made, and which uses USP grade nicotine for your best option.

In total to begin your adventure into vaping, you are looking at a total cost of around $58 all told. Of course this pricing will vary depending on whether you decide to get any modifications or spend a little more money on a tank or e-juices. There are also complete kits that come with everything you need including a case and extra battery, but it is recommended that you purchase everything on the list separately in order to keep costs down until you get to know what you want in terms of a vape. Once you get the hang of it then you can start to customize and spend a little more. Warning, vaping is addictive and enjoyable!

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