Does CBD Cause Diarrhoea?

Does CBD Cause Diarrhoea?

Cannabidiol, known to many as CBD has been making headlines as a better treatment for a number of ailments in the past few years. Studies have been conducted with a considerable number of yielding promising results. Right now, there are many case studies of people who profess that they have reaped the health benefits of CBD.

As it is the case with all medicinal substances people use, there is always a concern whether a CBD has negative side effects. From most researches, the most common side effects that one might experience with CBD include diarrhoea, change of appetite and tiredness. Some are concerned with whether cannabidiol can cause diarrhoea. You might be scared yourself that if you consume CBD, you’ll experience diarrhoea.

There’s information here why you shouldn’t let this concern be a deal-breaker for you when it comes to getting CBD oil benefits. You might also learn how to avoid or cope with whatever diarrhoea that you might experience with CBD intake.

What Evidence Is There On Diarrhoea Occurrence From CBD Consumption?

A study by researchers Kerstin Iffland and Franjo Grotenhermen in 2017 found that diarrhoea occurred in regular CBD users, and only in those who use it to treat chronic conditions. Now what is concerning is that CBD oil properties were not naturally linked to the bowels, and the research was not able to determine the actual cause of the diarrhoea.

There are speculations that the diarrhoea was just a reaction of the body to new medication it is not accustomed to. A considerable number of patients experience diarrhoea with the introduction of a new medication. There was another experiment done where a group of subjects involving children and adults with different types of epilepsy ingested the CBD based drug Epidiolex. 

16% of this experienced diarrhoea as an adverse effect. Another study, in which, unfortunately, there was no control group, registered 19% of epileptic children experienced diarrhoea with CBD intake. Researchers report that it is hard to pinpoint the reason for diarrhoea as a side effect.

Please note CBD causing diarrhoea isn’t a reason you shouldn’t get the benefits of the cannabinoid. The diarrhoea is mild if there’s any and doesn’t last long. Did you know that CBD due to its anti-inflammatory effect is actually used to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? IBS is an umbrella of diseases which has diarrhoea as one of its symptoms.

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