Does your E-Juice Change Flavour? Here is Why...

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Why Does E-Liquid Flavour Change?

Have you ever experienced your favourite e-liquid flavour tasting differently and not the way it is supposed to? The process of making e-juice is complex and can result in flavour fluctuations. E-Liquid flavour can change with time and depending on how you store it. It can be frustrating and happen without any warning, but here are a few things you can do to ensure that your e-liquid flavour tastes exactly how it should. A note of caution, this is quite separate from “vaper’s tongue”, a condition which we discuss in a separate article. In simple, terms vaper’s tongue is a condition whereby your senses become exhausted by vaping.

What can I do to ensure that my favourite e-liquid tastes the way it should? Here are a few things you can consider before you buy e juice online UK at our Vape Shop.

Store your E-Liquid Correctly

Steeping can result in slight or even drastic changes to the way your favourite e-liquid tastes. When talking about steeping, it is sensible to think of brewing tea. By leaving your bottle of e-liquid for a period of time results in deeper and full bodied flavour as the ingredients inside e-liquid mature. We have found that tart or acidic flavours can benefit from steeping because they can be a little too overpowering when e-liquid is first made up. Other flavours may require little or no steeping.

If you have just purchased your e-liquid (and it has not been steeped), it is sensible to leave it to sit around on your shelf for a week or two before vaping it. Nonetheless, even if you steep your e-liquid, the flavour of e-liquid may change for other reasons unrelated to steeping. You should keep your e-liquid bottle in a cool and dark environment whenever you are not using it. Some vapers like to store their e-liquid in fridges, but normal room temperature is also fine. Direct heat and sunlight accelerate the steeping process, but can also spoil you e-liquid.

If e-juice is purchased fresh (without being pre-steeped), it’s a good idea to let it sit for at least a week or two before you use it, but even if you steep your juice properly, its taste may change for other reasons. Improper storage is just one issue that could cause your e-juice flavor to change.

Dirty Coils and Atomisers

E-liquid flavour changes can also be attributed to the poor maintenance of your e-cigarette device. It is always a good idea to clean your tank every time you change e-liquid flavours, especially when you are vaping strong and prominent flavours like mint or cinnamon. Insofar as your budget permits, you may want to consider having separate tanks and vape coils for individual e-liquid flavours as it may be difficult to completely get rid of the lingering taste. Many vape shops have individual e-cigarettes for individual flavour to ensure a clean and unadulterated flavour. Just imagine if a vape shop simply poured several e-liquids into the same e-cigarette. Also note, that when dripping new e-liquid, you may want to heat up your coils and run them under tap water to get rid of the residue and replace the cotton. Over time, when you vapourise e-liquid, this can cause residue to build up on your coils. This can cause in a burnt taste and make your e-juice flavour taste dull. You can “dry burn” your coils to get rid of the residue build up or simply replace coils regularly. This will help to ensure a consistent and regular flavour of your favourite e-liquid.

Nicotine Can Change How Your E-Liquid Tastes

Not many have heard of this, but your nicotine strength will dictate the flavour of your e-liquid. E-liquid with a higher nicotine content will have a greater kick and the flavour may not come through as well. We recommend 0mg to 3mg for drippers and sub ohmers.  If you have adjusted the power level of your e-cigarette, you may notice that the taste of your e-liquid behaves differently. Try to experiment with your power settings to find the peak of your e-liquid flavour.

Your Health Can Have an Effect On How Your E-Liquid Tastes

If you are sick, you may find that your e-liquid flavour will taste differently. If you are experiencing a sinus congestion, you may experience a reduced sense of smell and taste. E-Liquid contains “humectants” (glycol based substances) that prolong the shelf life of e-liquid. Humectants absorb moisture from your throat and mouth and cause dehydration. When vaping, ensure that you drink plenty of fluids to ensure that you maintain a constant flavour profile.

If you have just switched to vaping from tobacco cigarettes, you may experience a reduced flavour sensation because tobacco cigarettes dull your taste buds. Once you switch to vaping, you may dicover that e-liquid flavour may taste dull for a while until your body eliminates the tar build up. If you are smoking and vaping, you will have a different sense of taste than those who only vape for the above reason.

Invest in Quality E-Liquid

You get what you pay for. It is always tempting to bag yourself a great deal. But don’t forget that in a lot of cases, higher prices actually translates into a better quality. Cheaper e-liquid may contain lower quality ingredients such as flavourings and have a shorter shelf life. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Just think of it that way- how can this company sell this e-liquid so cheaply. It could be a case of large economies of scale with bigger brands but it could also be because it costs less to produce e-liquid with inferior ingredients. Consider buying premium e-liquid from trusted and reputable vape shops, such as ourselves. At The Eliquid Boutique Vape Shop, you can buy e juice online uk with fast and reliable shipping. We stock many premium high VG and TPD compliant e-liquid brands from the UK and USA, which are ideal for dripping, cloudchasing and advanced e-cigarettes.

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