E-Luxe Premium E-Liquid Wholesale UK

E-Luxe Premium E-Liquid Wholesale UK

Welcome to Our E-Luxe Premium E-Liquid Wholesale UK Page! Here, you can order E-Luxe e-liquid at wholesale prices! Currently, we manufacture 1 million E-Luxe e-liquid bottles and supply hundreds of vape shops in the UK and overseas. As a stockist of our e-liquid , your vape shop will be able to offer your vaping clients an exciting brand and some of the most desirable UK-made E-Liquid Flavours on the vape market.


E-Luxe E-Liquid At A Glance

E-Luxe e-liquid comes in two different lines: the classic 50VG:50PG and cloudchaser range at 70VG:30PG. These two lines will help you to tailor for cloudchasers and drippers as well as novice vapers. E-Luxe e-liquid comes in a diverse range of flavours including American Retro Cola, Anise Star, Apple & Strawberry Salad, Blueberry ice, Cherry ice, English mint, Honey peach & cream, I c cola, Key lime, Luscious lychee, Orange jelly, Orange Popsicle, Peanut butter & strawberry, Rocket fuel energiser, Strawberry vanilla custard, Tangy apple & lime, Tobacco caramel blend, Tropical mango & pineapple, Virginia tobacco blend, Yummy apple. E-Luxe e-liquid brand is extremely popular and it has featured at multiple vape exhibitions in the UK, USA and Asia and vape blogs and magazines. Many of our customers and prominent vape reviewers have commended the E-Luxe e-liquid line for its clean, smooth and refreshingly straightforward flavour profiles that are layered with utmost precision to achieve very enjoyable and very more-ish vaping experience for cloudchasers and drippers as well as novice vapers. When it comes to presentation, E-Luxe e-liquid makes a lasting impression on vapers. All E-Luxe e-liquid labels incorporate real paintings by a famous artist, which embodies the truly unique nature of our e-liquid flavours as well as our creativity. 

What does 'Premium' E-Liquid Mean to You?

The label 'premium' is used very loosely with e-liquids, but what exactly is a 'premium' e-liquid for you? Is it simply a shiny label with the words premium? Or does it extend to a good flavour and popularity? We feel that 'premium' e-liquid is when e-liquid is "the real deal" and incorporates manifold aspects such as quality base ingredients, testing results and data sheets, compliance with laws and regulations, complies with labeling and child safety laws (child resistant caps) to name but a few factors.

Why Choose E-Luxe E-Liquid

Quality and Trusted E-Liquid Brand

E-Luxe e-liquid is manufactured in England at our ISO Class 7 accredited clean rooms and bottling plant which house some of the most advanced machinery used to make e-liquid. Only UK sourced ingredients and highest quality pharma-grade Nicotine (compliant with EP and USP specification) go into every single bottle of E-Luxe e-liquid. E-Luxe e-liquid does not contain ethyl heptanoate, butyl valerate and contain diacetyl. Our quality management system based on pharmaceutical manufacturing allows us to ensure full traceability throughout the entire production and supply chain to bring vapers a superior vaping experience. When sourcing e-liquid ingredients, we demand the highest standards from our supply chain and proactively conduct checks and balances to ensure that all ingredients are of the highest grade.

TPD Compliant E-Liquid Brand

All E-Luxe e-liquid is compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and laws and regulations. Each e-liquid bottle comes with childproof packaging and has all the necessary warning on the label.

Unique, Diverse and Refreshing E-Liquid Profiles

E-Luxe e-liquid comes in a wide variety of different popular flavours which will present choice to your customers. E-Luxe e-liquid is already extremely popular, which means that it will sell itself. E-Luxe e-liquid received positive coverage from prominent e-liquid reviewers, vape blogs and magazines as well as many vapers from different corners of the world. 

Extremely Cheap E-Liquid

We presently manufacture 1 million bottles of E-Luxe e-liquid every month. This allows us to achieve unprecedented economies of scale and pass on the savings to our wholesale customers. This means, that by stocking the E-Luxe e-liquid you will be able to make an excellent return on each e-liquid bottle. 

Excellent Customer Service and Account Managers

At The Eliquid Boutique, we have a very large customer support team as we take all of our clients extremely seriously, which means that every single business that buys from us will have a designated account manager who will deal with your questions, orders and sales support. This means that you will not have to wait and will receive support 24/7 365 days a year.

Marketing Materials, Support and Know-How

All of our E-Liquid Wholesale UK customers will receive all the point of sales materials, marketing materials, advertising on our channels as well as support. If you have any questions about our e-liquid or are perhaps looking for some general guidance, our experienced team is always a phone call away. We are here to help you to succeed.

Here is what our E-Luxe Premium E-Liquid Wholesale UK Clients Say About The Brand

"I first came across E-Luxe e-liquid at the NEC vape exhibition in Birmingham. I was lured by the exquisite artistic labels and posters. Once thing that struck me the most is that E-Luxe e-liquid incorporate many popular fruits, drinks and desserts. Initially, I was not expecting anything special. However, I believe that E-Luxe has set the bar very high. The e-liquid can be summed up as very straightforward, simple in nature yet extremely complex in its flavour profiles. When I tried the e-liquid on my Dot Mod, the flavour was exceptionally smooth, balanced and very fragrant. I found that E-Luxe e-liquids are extremely sophisticated and provide an excellent break from the zillions of complex flavours found on the market. I immediately took on E-Luxe e-liquids and noticed that they sold extremely well. I noticed that people were opting for the E-Luxe e-liquid because they wanted a clean flavour and a break from overwhelming flavours."

"E-Luxe e-liquid is extremely smooth, well-balanced and popular. My customers love it because E-Luxe is the first brand that actually got the popular flavours right and even added their own twist to them. For example, an apple flavour would not sound too appealing to most vapers and would most probably be associated with budget e-liquid. WRONG! Now imagine eating a freshly picked and crunchy green apple from the English countryside - this is exactly what E-Luxe e-liquid has managed to achieve! Price-wise, I am extremely happy with the rock bottom e-liquid prices (Yes, I order a LOT!) as these prices allow me to earn a very good profit margin."

"The customer support team and account managers are extremely helpful, responsive and professional. Placing an order for e-liquid has never been easier for me. I am able to get through to my account manager at any time of the day and the stock is always delivered to my vape shop the very next day via a private courier. This really does help to keep the business disruptions to the minimum. I also appreciate the help and support I received in selling and promoting E-Luxe e-liquid. On the actual e-liquid front, the flavours are great, the customer feedback is great and the presentation is great. I simply cannot ask for more! Thank you guys!"

We have said our bit, which we hope has given you an idea about us and E-Luxe e-liquid. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss our premium e-liquid wholesale UK service. You can now buy E-Luxe e-liquid directly from us or through Find A Vape Supplier, the world's first business to business marketplace for vape companies. 

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