ECIG SEO - Why You Need Competitor Key Words To Succeed

ECIG SEO - Why You Need Competitor Key Words To Succeed

Welcome to our Ecig SEO page. So, you have started a vape website. Did you research the key words your competitors are ranking for or did you just make up the key words blindly? This is a mistake many new vape companies make. At the end of this article, you will make the best business decision for your vape-related website. 

Are you tired of being on page "hell knows what" of Google and getting no customers? Are you wondering - "how come this ejuice brand is so damn popular and mine isn't"? Read on. 

Put it simply, if you are not using the relevant key words, nobody will find you. Using key words such as e-cig or e-liquid is great but there are a zillion other vape companies and e-juice brands that are using the same key words. Do you really think you will rank for the word "vape" or "ecig". Think again. Instead, what you must do is start thinking about less competitive key words and key words that are more focused on your geographical situs or your area of expertise. If you are a vape shop, you will want to optimise your website for "vape shop" plus your "town" plus your area as well as neighbouring areas. This way, you are entering the realm of less competitive key words that will give you more chances of ranking top of the search engines for your selected key words. 

This is How Vape Key Words Work in Practice

Let’s put vape key words into context. How do you get website traffic? It is great if you are a massive brand that everyone knows about. However, if you are a small vape start-up, you need to target your vape key words with clinical precision. How do people actually find vape shops online I hear you ask. Simple, what do you type in when you search for something? Here is an example, if I am searching for a vape shop in London, I will search for “vape shop London” or “best vape shop in London”. What about e-liquid? Well, if I am searching for US made e-liquid I will search for “buy USA eliquid online UK”. How about if I am searching for cloudchasing e-liquid? I would search for “high vg eliquid uk online”. In fact, the examples I have provided you are only a small handful of search terms and is by no means indicative of the key words people search for. So, how do we find what people search for? A good starting point is to take your immediate competitors. If I know that there is a successful vape shop in London, I would take their website and analyse it for the key words it ranks for and the search volumes (i.e. how many people actually search for the term). This way, you will be able to sit down and analyse your competitors’ key words and decide what key words you want to use.

1 Deadly Reason Why You Must Be Selective With Your Key Word Density

It is great when you have found a plethora of potentially relevant key words for your vape business. However, do not make the DEADLY mistake of trying to optimise for every single key word even if it is remotely related to your business. This will simply dilute your website rankings. So, for example, if you are a vape shop based in London, UK, you should not be trying to optimise for key words such as "vape shop in Oxford", "vape shop in Cambridge". Why? Because nobody will visit your vape shop in London if they are based in Oxford. Instead, they will close your website right away. Your key word is a bit like a promise to your customer, if you say that you are based in Oxford you must indeed be based in Oxford. Also, by focusing on your local area, you are maximising your chances of outranking all the massive national vape shops because your key words are focused on one geographical locale. If we take a vape shop that has offices all over the country and you are only based in London, you will rank higher because more of your key words are focused on London. 

Things you Must Know High Competition vs. Low Competition Key Words

Remember, there are niche key words and there are popular, high-competition key words. Ranking for a vape shop in Surrey will be a lot easier than ranking for a vape shop in London. Why? Because there are many more vape shops in London, London has a bigger vape market and generally, London is worth more transactions wise. Ultimately, decided on what key words you choose is your choice and is down solely to your business strategy.

Remember, when using your competitors’ key words, do not simply spam your website pages with incoherent key words such as “shop vape London” because whilst this key word makes sense to search engines such as Google, it will mean nothing to your website visitor. They will probably think that you have made a mistake. When optimising for key words, your overriding consideration should be user-friendliness. Your website is for your website users, not search engines.

Get Your Competitor Key Words Now!

Simply order our package to get started and we will run a report of the key words and search phrases your competitors are using. Upon purchase, we will require the website(s) of your competitors.

What will I get with my order?

We will provide you with a spreadsheet containing the key words that your competitors are ranking for. However, bear in mind that the number of key words that you get will depend on the size and how long your competitor has been around. For a small website of 10 pages, do not expect to receive a hundred key words. In other words, it is what it is. We suggest that you spend some time thinking about your competitors carefully. If you have 10 competitors or more, contact us for your unique discount code.

How quickly will my order be delivered?

Generally, it will take us around 3-5 days to get your competitor reports, but we will endeavour to fulfil your order much sooner.

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