Field Sales Representative Jobs, vacancies in London

Field Sales Representative Jobs, vacancies in London

Are you an experienced Field Sales Representative? Or perhaps you are just starting out on your field sales representative career? At The Eliquid Boutique we are presently looking for field sales representatives in London to sell our e-liquid.

A Glance At The E-Liquid And Vape Market in The UK

Vaping started in the UK back in 2012. Do you ever recall seeing people walk with vape pens or perhaps blow large clouds in traffic? Well, over the last 5 years the vaping market has only grown in the UK at an exponential rate! Back in 2012, many people thought that vaping was a fad that would disappear just like other things such as tamagotchi for those old enough to remember them! Guess what! Vaping has only grown and it will continue to grow as it eventually replaces tobacco products. Recently, the Tobacco Products Directive came into effect in the UK and the EU to deal with the uncontrolled vape market and to bring some semblance and order to it. The global e-cigarette market is set to be worth $32bn by 2021, and the UK market will grow to $5.67bn. Vaping is still at its early stages when compared to its tobacco counterpart and it is here to stay.

Field Sales Representative Jobs in London with The Eliquid Boutique

We understand that your career as a field sales representative depends on sales and your commission. Here is your opportunity to sky rocket your earnings! E-Liquid is a product that virtually sells itself! Many businesses across the UK still do not carry vape products. However, most are jumping on the bandwagon. Next time you walk to your local convenience store or stop at a petrol station, just watch out for e-liquid and associated vape products on the counter. All of our sales agents are making a "killing" selling our e-liquid. Here is your once in a lifetime chance to make some serious money and buy that dream home or dream car that you always wanted! Moreover, by selling e-liquid you are not selling gas packages, broadband or PDQ machines. You are selling a perishable product that sells like hot cakes!

 About The Eliquid Boutique

The Eliquid Boutique is an excusive distributor of the E-Luxe e-liquid which is sold all over the world. Every month, we sell an average of 1 million e-liquid bottles worldwide. The E-Luxe e-liquid comes in two lines: classic and cloudchaser. The cloudchaser e-liquid line is aimed at connoisseur vapers who enjoying blowing large clouds using their drippers or box mods whilst the classic line is aimed at most e-cigarette users. E-Luxe e-liquid is manufactured in the UK at our ISO approved clean room facilities that house some of the most advanced vape machinery. Every bottle of E-Luxe e-liquid is made using the highest quality base ingredients from the UK and USA. E-Luxe operate a quality management system by demanding the highest standards of quality from all companies in its supply chain. This helps E-Luxe to maintain a competitive edge over its competitors. By applying for our field sales representative job in London, you will be selling literally one of the best-selling and popular brands in the vape industry. The E-Luxe e-liquid has featured in many vape exhibitions and even a popular music video. All E-Luxe e-liquid flavours have received very positive feedback from multiple vape reviewers and the brand is especially renowned for its complex and layered flavours that are achieved by steeping each flavour separately.

 We Offer the Most Attractive Terms to All of Our Field Sales Representatives in London and Further Afield

You will receive a very handsome commission for all the sales that you generate. At The Eliquid Boutique we pride ourselves for our inclusive and supportive environment. We make sure that every field sales representative working with us is well-prepared for their role. We host an internal marketing and SEO department that will assist you with all marketing endeavours and make it extremely easy for you to sell. If you are successful and taken on as a field sales representative with The Eliquid Boutique, you will be assigned a regional manager who will be your first port of contact for all of your questions and ideas. You will be provided with all marketing materials and samples to show to prospective clients. Overall, our structured approach will make it very easy for you to work with us.

What Are You Looking for in A Field Sales Representative?

We are looking for field sales representatives who are preferably, experienced and self-starters. The notion what you put in is what you get out certainly rings true here. If you believe that you have what it takes, we welcome you to apply for our field sales representative jobs today. Simply send your CV to

"I worked as a field sales agent for many companies including gas companies, companies selling energy drinks, funeral services and other items and services. I have never had a problem with selling and I must admit that I made a decent amount of money over the many years as a sales agent. However, my past earnings do not even come close to what I have made with The Eliquid Boutique! In just over 1 weeks, I made £1600 without any effort. The team at The Eliquid Boutique has done most of the heavy lifting - the E-Luxe e-liquids are top notch, the marketing material is top notch and the team is super responsive and helpful! This is the most professional company I have worked with for sure. I found that most business owners loved the product and bought it within the first 5 minutes. I was not even required to pitch. Due to my success, I was recently assigned a bigger area and literally I am putting my all into this as this is a real chance to make a fortune. I am extremely grateful to the entire team at The Eliquid Boutique for such an amazing opportunity. "- Ron, Glasgow

"I will admit that I was always skeptical about selling e-liquid. In 2014, I thought the industry would vanish and therefore, I did not bother with vape products. I could not have been further away from the truth. When I joined the eliquid boutique as an independent field sales agent, it suddenly dawned to me that the e-liquid industry is a gold mine. When I saw how much other field sales representative were making with the eliquid boutique is when i decided to really go for it. It took me some time to study all the materials but from there onwards it was plain sailing. For a want of an analogy, just imagine the beginning of the tobacco industry! Vaping is no different with the exception that it has been oficially proven to be 95% less harmful than smoking by Public Health England. I am over the moon with my progress and next month I will be buying a brand new Bentley Continental that I always dreamed of! Thank you for everything Laura and the team". - Mohammad, London

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