Find out how Vaping can Improve your Sex Life before you Browse Our Online Vape Shop UK

Vaping can Improve your Sex Life! Just remember this when browsing Our Online Vape Shop UK.

When compared to tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes have many benefits. E-cigarettes give you a lesser exposure to harmful toxins, improve your lung function, increase your energy levels and eliminate odours. Experts have connected these benefits to sex life. The inability to be intimate is a serious problem for many in the UK and in America, one out of ten men over the age of twenty suffer from erectile dysfunction. Smoking can reduce your sexual stamina and desire and science has shown the link between impotency and smoking. Do electronic cigarettes present a solution to this problem? If you have already made the switch from smoking to e-cigarettes, simply browse our Online Vape Shop UK page where you can find many premium e-liquid brands from the UK and USA that will make your journey as a vaper a pleasant one. Our e-liquid brands are most suitable for advanced vapers, cloud chasers, drippers and vapers who appreciate quality and gourmet e-liquids. 

Smoking and Sexual Implications

It is no news that smoking is a cause of erectly dysfunction. We constantly see many anti-smoking campaigns such as pictures of charred lunges of deceased smokers. It is evident that smoking is a cause of heart disease, cancer and other serious health conditions, but many people are not inundated with the fact that smoking can also lead to impotency. A study conducted by Tulane University found that men who smoked were 60 percent more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to non-smoking men. With years of research on this subject, most medical experts have come to the consensus that there indeed is an undeniable link between impotency and smoking.

Ask a smoker about the times they have struggled to breathe when taking part in physical activities such as climbing a set of stairs or jogging. We do not need medical evidence to support the premise that smoking compromises lung function and physical activities such as sex can be more difficult and strenuous to smokers.

Ordinarily, we would associate erectile dysfunctions with older men that we commonly see in medication adverts, but the fact is that younger men are as adversely affected by smoking as older men. Blood flow and Oxygen are two primary mechanisms required for sex. Tobacco cigarettes disrupt hormonal balances by depriving the body of both of Oxygen and blood flow. Cigarettes also significantly reduce the production of neurotransmitter, nitric oxide, which plays an instrumental role in regulating erections. The cumulative effect of these factors is counterproductive to a satisfactory sex life.

Should we blame nicotine?

Medical research has shown that nicotine can lower testosterone and constrict blood vessels, which is not going to improve your sex life, but on the contrary, may cause erectile dysfunction. The majority of studies on the subject of nicotine link erectile dysfunction to smokers as test subjects, who also inhale many other chemicals in addition to nicotine, which in turn skews the findings on the effects of nicotine. These studies fail to consider the danger of toxic chemicals and tar. According to the National Institute of Health, clinical studies provide indirect evidence that erectile dysfunction is caused by smoking, but where or not nicotine mediates this effect is still unknown.

Most of us will have heard the negatives about nicotine, especially that it is one of the most addictive drugs. However, many fail to see the benefits that nicotine brings. In vapour, nicotine does not impair lung function like tobacco smoke. Depending on your e-liquid strength, nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes can be lower than those found in tobacco cigarettes.

Benefits of vaping on your Sex Life

Aside from the aforesaid, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes may assist you in the bedroom in the following ways.

Increased Stamina

Smoking decreases your sexual stamina because tobacco smoke covers your lungs with tar, which decreases your oxygen absorption and respiratory function. On the contrary, electronic cigarettes do not contain tar or other harmful chemicals traditionally found in tobacco cigarettes. Many vapers are able to breather much better and can demonstrate an ability to perform for longer durations without getting out of breath.

Greater Energy

Better stamina will get you going for a longer period of time and increase sexual desire. Smoking can make people feel tired and lethargic, but those who have switched to vaping, have reported higher energy levels and better motivation. This will without a shadow of a doubt, improve your sex life.

Better Sensory Perception

We perceive the world through our senses, which is an important element of sexual attraction. Smoking can have adverse physical and psychological implications on sex life. Smoking can diminish your senses, which can have a knock-on effect on your sexual activity. Many vapers who are former smokers have reported that once they have switched to e-cigarettes, their sexual activity improved dramatically. A non-smoking partner can still be psychologically affected by the stale smell of tobacco, which is a definite turn off that can further diminish sexual interest.

A survey was held back in 2014, which reported that out of 19k e-cigarettes, 74 percent reported better endurance levels. A further 86 percent reported improved taste, 82% better taste and a staggering 27 percent of participants said that their sexual performance improved significantly when they switched to e-cigarettes. In an earlier survey by UKMedix, 60% of participants reported a “significant improvement” in their sex lives when they switched to vaping.

As with most research, there is not conclusive evidence that proves that vaping improves the sex lives of vapers, it is a fact that switching from smoking to vaping will improve your sex life by eliminating the negative effects associated with smoking. It is wise to conclude in the words of Dr. Michael Siegel from Boston University, a leading expert on smoking and e-cigarettes – “there is a plausibility that switching to vaping has a positive impact on sexual health”. If you have decided to make the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes, simply browse our Online Vape Shop UK page to find your favourite premium e-liquid brands. 

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