These High CBD Strains Are Voted The Best

You may have heard about the enormous therapeutic benefits that CBD poses for a range of ailments. But are the stories true? 

If you’re unsure of the evidence, the resounding scientific consensus is that yes, cannabis, and high CBD strains in particular, can provide relief from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

And it all begins with biology, as in, how high CBD strains interact with our body and brain. 

Let’s dive into the most highly rated high CBD strains for you to try out. But first, a little insight into what a high CBD strain is exactly. 

What is a High CBD Strain?

If you’re completely new to the cannabis game, strains are simply a different species of the cannabis plant, that can either be pure or a combination of many others. 

The main species of cannabis plants are sativas, indicas and ruderalis, each known for having unique tastes, colours and smells. 

And if you’re not familiar, CBD is a type of cannabinoid, an organic compound extracted from each of these plant species. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD does not produce psychotropic effects, like having an altered perception and a sense of euphoria.

Since CBD is extracted from plants, there are certain plant strains with higher CBD content than others, which is extremely important if you’re only using cannabis for the compound.

With this said, let’s deep dive into our high CBD strains list that can help your chronic pain and inflammatory issues. 

Which High CBD Strains Should I Use For Medical Relief?

CBD levels in a strain are usually determined by a ratio of CBD to THC (we’ll exclude other cannabinoids for simplicity). For the purposes of this article, we’re looking at 1:1 or above CBD to THC ratios. 

So, if you were looking for recreational fun, you’d want a high ratio of THC over CBD in your strain.  In contrast, for medical relief purposes you’ll want a high ratio of CBD and a lower ratio of THC. 

If you were to find strains with equal (1:1) ratios, you would have a combination of pain relief and the tranquility delivered by THC. 

Below we’ve listed a few of our high CBD strain ratio favourites to give you a starting point. 

8 High CBD Strains

CBD Mango Haze

CBD Mango Haze is among the most widely recognized high CBD strains. It delivers a 1:1 – 2:1 ratio between CBD and THC and is sativa dominant which leads many consumers and patients to seek it out for medical relief purposes. 

With 1:1 strains you’ll enjoy a great sense of tranquility and calm. THC plays a larger role in this strain than the others, but it depends on the ratio in the strain itself. 

In either case, we really like this choice for medicinal purposes and for its relaxing qualities.


Another favourite CBD choice for excellent pain relief and relaxation properties is Harlequin, which usually comes with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. 

This hybrid cross between Thai, Colombian Gold and Swiss Landrace has a unique CBD:THC ratio with THC levels between 7-15% and CBD levels of 4-10%. 

Harlequin has certain sativa-dominant effects that deliver feelings of euphoria to its users. It’s weighted fairly heavy on the CBD side so the THC qualities play a much smaller role. Instead of feeling “stoned” you’ll feel more relaxed, which makes this a good choice for daytime uses who want to stay alert. 

You can enjoy a mango, earthy aroma and flavour profile. There a few negative effects to be mindful of including dry mouth and dry eyes. In very severe cases, side-effects include slight nausea and headaches. 


This strain is heavily weighted toward CBD with a CBD to THC ratio of around 20:1. That means there’s virtually no intoxicating effect from this strain. 

Instead, it’s a great choice for those who want the sedation and relaxation experience without a psychedelic trip or any kind of high.

For those who want to avoid THC as much as possible, you really can’t go wrong with ACDC.

CBD Therapy

CBD Therapy is truly one of a kind CBD strain with a CBD content twenty times that of THC. The breeders are CBD crew who are known for their high CBD-low THC strains. CBD was formed way back in 2009 by Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds and Jaime of Resin Seeds. The exact lineage of this strain is not known, this strain has been used to create some powerful CBD strains such as CBD Jack Herer and CBD Critical Mass.  

CBD Therapy is a perfect blend of Indica and Sativa; it’s quite rare that you will find a 50% indica and 50% Sativa. This also means that the body and mind effects are well balanced out. With significantly low levels of THC, this strain will cause some level of excitement and cerebral buzz but is less likely to make you spacey.

Most phenotypes will have 8-10% CBD and about 0.5% THC. This is an ideal strain for treating seizures, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia.

The nugs are olive green and coated in milky trichomes. The aroma is mostly fruity with hints of diesel.

CBD Therapy flowers in about nine weeks and does well indoors or outdoors.

Candida (CD-1)

Candida is the poster child of Medical Marijuana Genetics, being a high CBD strain with significant therapeutic potential. It is a cross between two popular high CBD strains; Harlequin and ACDC.

Usually, the CBD will be anything between 10%-20% while the THC hardly hits 1%. As much as the THC is significant enough to support cannabis synergy the psychoactive effects are hardly noticeable. New users will enjoy starting on this strain because the mellow effects are hardly overpowering.

Candida has been used to treat refractory epilepsy, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

Candida means bright light in Latin, and true to its name the highly resinous nugs are bright white and resplendent during the flowering stage. Two phenotypes exist; a Sativa leaning and an indica leaning phenotype. The Sativa phenotypes produce higher amounts of CBD as compared to the indicas.

The Wife

This is another well-balanced cannabis strain with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. The exact lineage of this strain is unknown, but the strain was bred by Terrapin Care Station.

The THC: CBD ratio is 1:20, which is 1% THC and 20% CBD in most phenotypes.

The kind of experience that you should expect from this strain is similar to being in a spa; completely relaxing and rejuvenating without losing touch with reality. The THC amounts are not significant enough to cause psychedelic effects even though the “sativaness” will trigger a cerebral buzz.

Patients with mood imbalances, extreme fatigue, lack of focus and concentration and sleep disturbances will benefit from this high CBD strain.

Most users enjoy the cherry flavoured smoke with hints of citrus. The earthiness is hardly noticeable. This is a great strain for everyday use.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one popular cannabis strain that was created specifically for a cannabis celebrity child- Charlotte Figi. The strain was created by the Stanley Brothers to help this child cope with intractable seizures. 

The results have been encouraging and this has propelled this strain to the limelight over the last few years. Given, this is a strain with very high CBD and extremely low THC; less than 1% THC and 17% CBD.

Charlotte’s Web has since been used to treat muscle spasms, epilepsy, inflammation, nausea and vomiting, and auto-immune disease. CBD, unlike THC, acts indirectly on the endocannabinoid receptors and stimulates the availability of the body’s endocannabinoids. 

By supporting the endocannabinoid system this strain helps in alleviating major symptoms related to disease in the body.

Charlotte’s web aroma is a mix of pungent and piney. It causes relaxation, sedation, creativity, and focus.

Ringo’s Gift

This powerful CBD strain is indeed a gift for medicinal cannabis patients needing high amounts of CBD; the ratio of THC: CBD IS 1: 20. 

Ringo’s Gift is a hybrid between Harle-Tsu and ACDC both of which are popular CBD strains. This strain is named after a CBD activist by the name of Lawrence Ringo.

Ringo’s gift is a Sativa leaning strain that gives an energizing mental boost without causing psychedelic effects. What users love most about this strain is the deeply relaxing wave that sweeps through the whole body. 

After all, fatigue, aches, and pains have been washed away you may be compelled to take a nap. Consequently, this strain is ideal for evening use.

Ringo’s Gift has light and airy nugs that have a mix of mint and olive greens. The taste is herbal with mint flavours. Patients have used this strain to treat anxiety, depression, pain, stress, and inflammation. Researchers are considering high CBD strains for the treatment of autism in children.

Final Thoughts On High CBD Strains

Evidently, high CBD cannabis strains offer numerous relaxing and therapeutic benefits that can be enjoyed by adults, children as well as pets. And there’s no worry about the psychoactive effects that come with high THC strains.

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