How Do I Choose Nicotine Strength for E-Liquid

How Do I Choose Nicotine Strength for E-Liquid

In this guide, we discuss how to choose nicotine strength for e-liquid. Nicotine, the good’ol stimulant derived from tobacco. Many can cite it as their main reason for smoking or vaping. It’s a powerful and addictive substance but it’s commonly enjoyed and in vaping a lot of contaminants from the cigarette like tar are removed reducing the negative health effects it has. Vaping has also allowed for far more variety in nicotine strength selection as it uses liquid nicotine rather than actual tobacco (unless you’re using those flavours) to add this stimulant into many of its e-liquids and flavourings. This makes nicotine strength a popular topic to discuss in forums and amongst the vaping community. 

Nicotine strength in e-cigarettes comes in a few different levels: no nicotine, 1-6mg nicotine, 7-12mg nicotine, 13-18mg nicotine, 19-24mg nicotine, and 25-36mg nicotine and greater than 36mg. No nicotine is for if you simply want to vape and are in it for just the flavour or the tricks. Up until 6mg is for extremely light smokers maybe a low risk bit of nicotine here and there. Between 7 and 12mg gets closer to light cigarettes for anyone trying to get off smoking but still wants a bit of nicotine. At around 18% is the average level and brands of cigarettes this is likely the best level for smokers to start at. At around 24mg you will be smoking at the upper level of cigarette strength. At 36mg or higher is the level of smoking several packs of cigarettes a day in order to get your fix. It is important to find the right level for you. Remember that nicotine has proven negative effects on health such as increasing risk for heart attacks. If you aren’t quitting smoking maybe no nicotine at all would be right for you as it is known as an addictive substance, but for those of you who want nicotine and have a friend in similar circumstances it might be a good idea to; if you are unsure try asking a friend what they started out with.
If you are trying to vape to quit smoking it is recommended that instead of instantly going for a low level of nicotine strength, take a level close to what you are used to and gradually wean yourself off of your need for nicotine. This allows you to take more time to adjust then if you just immediately go cold turkey. When trying to quit on of the important things to remember is to do what feels comfortable to you.

For those looking to go deeper into the world of vape a question occurs: what should be the strength of my nicotine if I want go chase clouds? The answer is actually that you should have a smaller level of nicotine strength between 1.5mg and 6mg. This is because of the fact that to cloud chase you need to breathe in a lot more vapor than you normally would so you need to decrease the amount of nicotine so that you get the same amount. Keep in mind that while liquid nicotine is better than tobacco you are still able to overdose and get nicotine poisoning if you take too much. It is very important that you be sure to not inhale too much nicotine at a single time from cloudchasing so keep your nicotine strength on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Nicotine strength may choices may soon be narrowed by TPD and TRPR for those in Europe so you’ll want to get ready for reduced availability and increased prices. TPD and TRPR are likely going to lessen the availability and up the convenience of higher concentrations so it’s best to find out what you want now rather than later.

When deciding nicotine strength it is important to find a level that feels right. If you are trying to quit smoking start at a high level and gradually wean yourself to lower levels of nicotine. When you are cloudchasing it is recommended that you take a lower strength of nicotine due to the higher amount of vapour you are taking in. Vaping is a fun hobby so go and enjoy it in the most comfortable way you can. Remember to watch your heart have a puff and stay safe.

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