How Does CBD Help Pain Relief?

How Does CBD Help Pain Relief?

Currently, there is so much going on when it comes to cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabinoid obtained from marijuana. One significant topic being researched and debated on is CBD contribution to helping patients manage pain. Scientists are being involved in studies to find the effectiveness of the cannabinoid in relieving pain. There have been promising results from these researches. 

Some experts even think that a time is coming soon when CBD will be the better alternative to common pain-relieving medications. Certain questions are emanating from all this attention CBD is gaining in this field. For instance, it is hard not to get curious about how CBD helps in relieving pain.

What Do The Studies On CBD And Pain Relief Tell On The Mechanism Of CBD In Pain Relief?

Cannabidiol has been found by research to have a direct effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the brain. ECS is said to be responsible for pain sensation. By enhancing the effects of serotonin and anandamide and other brain chemicals, CBD helps in reducing pain perception. Being a powerful antioxidant allows this cannabinoid to be ideal for suppressing inflammation.

Can CBD Aid In Chronic Pain Relief?

A study involving multiple systematic reviews on dozens of studies and trials found evidence that certain marijuana products, including CBD, are effective in treating chronic pain in adults. 

This study targeted CBD use for general pain. A 2008 review of studies done between 1975 and 2018 to assess how effective CBD is on relieving chronic pain targeted conditions such as:

Cancer pain: There are many studies done on people to determine cannabidiol’s role in managing cancer-related pain and that emanating cancer treatment. A THC-CBD oral spray, for instance, proved to be a more effective pain relief to pain related to cancer when used together with opioids in comparison to using opioids alone. This was shown in a 2010 research and supported by another done in 2013.

Fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain: The review found that CBD is effective in managing overall pain with almost zero drawbacks. Another research published by the Journal of Experimental Medicine supports the findings above. As per the publication, CBD has the potential to reduce pain and inflammation.

CBD was found by researches to be a better alternative of treatment for those with chronic pain as there were fewer side effects nor did CBD create a dependency in the subjects.

How Can CBD Help With Arthritis Pain?

The European Journal of Pain covered a study on animals to see if CBD can help with arthritis pain. Researches applied a CBD gel to arthritic rats for four days, and the findings were encouraging. There was a significant drop in pain symptoms and inflammation in the rats, promising the effectiveness of CBD in helping people with arthritis manage their pain. 

Another good thing about CBD, there were no additional side effects experienced in the rats, and this too could be great for human treatments. Experts hope that other studies done will shed more light on how CBD can be utilised to manage arthritis pain.

How Does CBD Do When It Comes To Pain Related To Multiple Sclerosis?

The autoimmune diseases that affect the body tissues via the brain and nerves, multiple sclerosis (MS) cause pain to patients. One of the most common symptoms of MS is muscle spasms which, if intense cause pain to patients. A research found that CBD oil, when used for a short while, reduces the levels of spasticity occurring in a person with Ms. Indeed, many patients reported minimal symptoms with CBD intake, but experts say that more studies on humans need to be done.

Is CBD Effective In Relieving Migraine Pain?

Even though studies on cannabidiol and migraine are few, and also paired CBD with THC, there are some interesting findings which offer some hope. A research in 2017 found that intake of CBD and THC combinations led to less intense and acute pain experienced by people with migraines. 

A particular oral dosage of CBD-THC drug saw a 55% drop in acute pain. Another combination of the same reduced migraine attack frequency by 40%. Patients with a childhood history of migraines who suffer from cluster headaches used CBD and THC combinations and experienced relieve in pain.

What’s The Takeaway On CBD As A Treatment For Pain Relief?

There is no conclusion that CBD is for pain relief, yet researchers and other experts agree that there is a lot of potential in CBD as a treatment for pain. You will also note that in almost all studies, CBD works better than many other remedies and has fewer side effects, isn’t intoxicating, neither does it lead to dependency.

People can buy CBD products in the UK for pain relief now since cannabidiol is legal here. Specialists advise you to buy from trusted CBD sellers.

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