How to Choose Your Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Suppliers

How to Choose Your Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Suppliers

Do you own a vape store and wish to enlarge the number of products that you provide for sale? Perhaps you're the proprietor of a vape cafe, or you just want to switch to a different wholesaler because you're not satisfied with the one you are currently using. Regardless, there's no doubt that you are probably looking for the highest quality wholesale e-liquid that you can find at the best price. Well, here's some advice on how to choose premium e-liquid wholesale suppliers:

Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Suppliers: Beware of Liars

First, you need to beware of those sellers who are out to deceive you. They aren't the majority by far, but they do constitute a solid number of individuals. These are the sellers who tell you to your face that they provide only premium items, but the fact of the matter is that they do not. In fact, in many cases their products are actually substandard, and not of the quality they should be. If you become involved with one of these, there is the potential for them to do great harm to your sales.

Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Suppliers: Diacetyl Free

You want to partner with a wholesaler who only sells e-liquids that are diacetyl free. Furthermore, the best wholesalers use ingredients that have come from the US. This would comprise their Nicotine, PG, and VG. They should actually go the extra mile and have their ingredients double refined so that when they reach their lab, purity is ensured. There also should not be any artificial coloring of any type whatsoever in their e-liquid. But it is okay to have food grade flavorings which do not have any dacetyl.

One of the reason's it is so important not to have any artificial coloring in the e-liquid is because it has been proven to destroy the e-cigarette coils. Just how crucial it is to have all flavors in the e-liquids be 100% dacetyl free cannot be stressed enough.

While dacetyl is a chemical widely used to give foods such as popcorn and certain candies a flavor like butter, and is FDA approved for consumption, you don't want to inhale this substance. It is not believed to be safe to use dacetyl in e-liquid, regardless of the fact that a tobacco cigarette has 800 times more the quantity. When dacetyl is heated it creates a toxic and possibly lethal gas. This gas destroys the lungs, by causing blisters to grow, leading to, "obliterative bronchiolitis," or what is referred to as "popcorn lung." That's when the blisters become scarred and breathing becomes terribly difficult.

Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Suppliers: Excellent Insurance

The absolutely best insurance an e-liquid wholesaler can get is when their manufacturing insurance protects not only their supplies, but yours too. You and your customers are fully covered should you ever need it. This shows that the wholesaler has complete confidence in their products.

Premium E-Liquid Wholesale Suppliers: E-Liquid Lab

If the wholesaler has their own laboratory for mixing flavors of e-liquid, it should be state of the art. A professional looking, modern lab, which is clean and maintained at the highest standards to ensure that customer health is protected. Stainless steel and glass equipment should be used, along with the proper protective clothing for employees.

E-Liquid Ingredients

Above all, when looking for a wholesaler to partner with, you should be absolutely certain that the ingredients contained in the e-liquid they are providing is of premium quality. Choose a wholesale distributor who can provide you with private label and top of the line e-liquid. You must also be sure that you will be able to obtain the product in the most popular flavors.

Don't purchase unless you can be positive that the e-liquid has been properly tested and certified. Don't be shy about asking for proof of the high quality of what you are buying. Also, make sure that the bottles and labeling meet the new TPD regulations.

E-Liquid Flavors

The wholesaler you choose should be able to provide a wide array of flavors of e-liquid at prices that are affordable to your particular customers. It won't do you any good to have many different and wonderful flavors available if your customers can't afford to buy them. Nor will it be good for business if you have many high end customers who can't find the type of product that they are interested in in your store. Remember, different strokes for different folks. Know your customers like the palm of your hand.

 Fair E-Liquid Prices

While you can't do business with an e-liquid wholesaler just because they offer you the lowest prices -- you need to take into consideration the quality and salability of the product they are offering as well -- you should expect that the distributer will deal fairly with you.

Usually they will require a first time order to be for no less than $500, which is reasonable. Then you can make restock orders from $250 and over. The reordering process should be easy, so that when you notice that an item needs to be replaced, you can order it and receive it a few days later. There should also be some type of free shipping provided. Plus, when the order reaches your store, it should be ready to go. Meaning you can place the items on the shelves to be sold, and the individual who purchases it can begin to use the product right away.

Research your prospective premium e-liquid wholesale supplier

The wholesale supplier that you use should be a company with a broad customer base, preferably stretching over the country, so that regardless of where you are located, as long as it's in the United States, they will have the capability to provide you with all the e-liquid you will require in order to keep your business profitable and your customers happy.

Now all of the above information is geared towards making it easier for you to find the right wholesale supplier for your business. Someone whose services you can continue using for years to come, and who will deal fairly and honestly with you. Don't be intimidated if it seems like a long and difficult process to find the right company. It really isn't that hard if you just follow a few simple rules and use plenty of common sense.

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