How to Find The Best E-Liquid Brands From Around The World

How to Find The Best E-Liquid Brands From Around The World

There are very many e-liquid brands available in the market and different brands have different compositions, making them uniquely different from each other. The availability of thousands of selections on makes it a very exciting place and also very intimidating if you have no idea which brand is better than which. When it comes to finding the best brand, preferences differ from person to person. The various factors that lead to these differences are listed below;

E-Liquid Flavors

There are so many flavors available when it comes to e-liquids. The flavors usually include; Fruity, food flavors and mixed blend. The flavor differentiates a good e-liquid from a great one. However, this is always a matter of personal preference. While some individuals prefer the fruity blends, others may barely stand it. Choosing your best e-liquid starts by figuring out which flavor you like the most and then finding out which brands offer that flavor and then comparing the other features.

E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

E-cigarettes were created to help out those with an addiction to cigarettes. Nicotine is the ingredient in cigarettes that makes it addictive. E-liquids have different nicotine content, usually 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, 24 mg, and 36mg.

  • 0 mg is usually used by those who have quit smoking but still crave the inhalation and the smoke aspects of smoking.
  • 6 mg has nicotine content that is lower than what can be found in light cigarettes. This nicotine strength e-liquid is usually the one usually used when you want to quit nicotine completely and for those who used to smoke very little.
  • 12 mg nicotine strength e-liquid is for those who used to smoke light cigarettes. This is also a great e-liquid for vapers who are not really in need of high nicotine content.
  • 18 mg nicotine strength is used by very many ex-smokers and is great for vapers who prefer some nicotine in their e-liquid for that extra kick.
  • 24 mg nicotine strength e-liquids are recommended for the heavy smokers who are used to smoking about a pack of cigarettes per day. This high nicotine content is too much for those who are not used to nicotine content in their vape liquid.
  • 36 mg is the highest nicotine strength e-liquid available and is created for those who are used to smoking more than one pack a day.

Deciding on the perfect nicotine strength for you is mostly an experimental process. Too much nicotine will make you sick while very little will have your nicotine craving barely satisfied. Start with a medium strength to be safe and then decrease accordingly. However, if you vape continuously during the day, make sure to choose an e-liquid with little nicotine content.

Eliquid Base Solution

When it comes to the e-liquid base solution, there are three available options; pure propylene glycol (PG) base, pure vegetable glycerol (VG) base and a blend of both in various ratios depending on the brand.

  • PG is very thick and runny, making it very easy to make a mess. However, this is also the feature that makes it easier to clean up. PG has no taste of its own and therefore does not affect the flavor of the e-liquid in any way. The PG drips into the wick and atomizer faster, making you go through the fluid at a much faster rate. PG offers a strong and pleasant hit at the back of the throat, a sensation that is very appreciated by cigarette smokers. However, PG causes allergic reactions in some people, making it unsuitable for them.
  • VG is thicker, requiring a more thorough cleanup to remove the base sticking to the sides of the container and the coils. Furthermore, VG has a distinct taste that tends to affect the flavor of the e-liquid a little bit. The viscosity of VG means it burns slower and makes the liquid last a bit longer. VG also produces thick smoke that is a preference for some vapers. However, some complain of the thick phlegm that is subsequent after smoking up pure VG.
  • PG/VG blend is available, usually in 40:60 ratios. This blend makes the most of the ingredients, and is a favorite of most people. However, for those who experience allergic reactions, a 20:60 ratio is advised to keep the PG minimal.

Choosing a solution base is all a matter of preference, and what is great for one vaper may prove to be too much to another. Always ensure that you choose the solution base that you like to avoid hating your vaping experience.

E-Liquid Reviews

The internet is a great place for those looking for opinions and ratings by other people. Once you have found a brand that you may be interested in, you can check reviews online. These may include articles, blog posts and videos. They use various factors to determine why the brand may be superior or inferior. Use the reviews to check up on other brands as well and this may determine which one you may find that best fits your needs.

E-Liquid Testers

When it comes to finding the flavors and brands that may be the best, sometimes testing is the only way to be sure if they work for you or they do not. has various e-liquid brands available from thousands of suppliers. If you are not sure about which particular flavor or option to take, contact the suppliers and request for testers instead. These are usually packs that include various flavors in smaller packaging. You get to test the options without having to purchase the full size e-liquid. Once you have determined your flavor from the tester pack, you get to order the full size one. There are so many suppliers and you get to shop around for the best price and the brands of your choice.

Choosing the best brand of e-liquid is all dependent on your preferences but it is also great to shop around to discover other great brands and gives you an easier time finding new brands to try. You can get a B2B marketing database of all e-liquid brands here.

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