How to Ingest a CBD Tincture?

What Is A Tincture?

Merriam- Webster defines a tincture as a solution of a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent. Now adays instead of using harmful alcohols, we use healthier alternatives like MCT oil or Vegetable Glycerin. The material being processed into the tincture is steeped in the oily solution for several hours on a very very low heat which results in highly concentrated extracts.

CBD oils are made by steeping the aerial parts , commonly referred to as flower, of the cannabis plant in one of these solvents. The result is a mixture of highly concentrated plant compounds. The low heat and long hours allow for the cannabinoids to infuse with the oil. The most prevelant of these compounds is of course CBD, or cannabidiol.

Sublingual Usage

Some of you may be asking what sublingual means. Well sublingual application refers to the method of applying certain pharmaceuticals, or products, under your tongue for added diffusion into the bloodstream. Using this method for CBD may lead to a quicker and more potent effect. Essentially what this means is that using this method may help consumers get the possible benefits of stress relief, relaxation, etc, a bit more quickly. This is a preferred method by most, as this way is combustion-less and smoke free, but also offers the benefit of being quicker acting.

A report entitled “ Current Status and Prospects for Cannabindiol Preparations as New Therapeutic Agents,” labels non-sublingual oral delivery of CBD as “erratic” and the absorption that is conducted through the gastrointestinal tract is substantially variable from person to person. On the other-hand, the sublingual method is similar, but much less erratic and much less variable, resulting in a more consistent dosage of cannabinoids into your system.

When a CBD tincture is apply sublingually, it is imperative that you hold the tincture under your tongue for at least a full 60 seconds. This allows for possible significant tissue absorption into the sublingual artery. From this artery, the cannabinoids can then eventually travel directly to the brain for a more significant effect. CBD tinctures applied sublingually takes about 15 to 20 minutes to take full effect.

Tinctures and Consumers

CBD tinctures come in a variety of different strength, flavors, and dosages. Theorized Benefits you get from CBD are most certainly second to none. Given that CBD tinctures can be highly concentrated, it is highly recommended to start at a much lower dose and work up slowly over the course of a few weeks.

Tinctures are a highly preferred method for people on the go, who are opposed to the other faster methods like vaping or smoking cannabinoids. The small tincture bottles can be easily concealed and taken with you everywhere. When it comes to CBD tinctures versatility, you can most certainly say they are among the most favored option for consumers of cannabinoid products.

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