HOW TO USE FINDAVAPESUPPLIER.COM AS A BUYER is a market place designed to make it easy for vape shops to connect with suppliers without having to spend too much time trying to locate suppliers.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals seeking to start a vape shop and have no idea how to get in touch with suppliers. The site has an extensive number of vape suppliers listed and all you have to do is peruse through the products they offer.
  • Vape shops looking for new range of products to add to their shops to give their customers greater product diversity.
  • Vape shops looking for a new supplier who are more cost friendly compared to their current suppliers.

How to join the site

The’s home page has a login/sign up link. For first time users, just click on the link and it will load the login page. The login page has the sign up option at the bottom. Once it loads, fill in the relevant details. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Always ensure that you provide the relevant details as accurately as possible to avoid any inconveniences.

Setting up your profile

Once you have successfully registered, it is time to spend time acquainting yourself with the overall workings of the site. First off, you need to add details to your profile. To start this off, click on the “My Account” link. Once the page loads, click on the “Edit Page” link.

  • Name

This was the name you provided in the sign up page. If for any reason you need to change it, you need to contact the customer support team to get your request sorted.

  • Email Address

The email address provided in the sign up page is the same one listed here. If you need to change the email address for whatever reason, contact customer support to have your request processed and considered.

  • Paypal Email

To make purchases through the site, you need to have a paypal account. This is a secure and verified mode of payment, ensuring that your funds remain secure and your payments are easy to trace. If you do not have a paypal account, it is recommended that you get one. In the paypal address text box, type in your email account that is linked to your paypal. This allows you to transfer funds to the site as you make purchases.

  • Phone Number

This information is optional, so you may opt out of providing your contacts. However, if you feel like inquiries may be made via phone calls or any clarifications and further information, you may put up your business number.

  • Profile photo/Company logo

Putting up a profile picture or company logo helps to increase the credibility of your company or role as a buyer. Pictures speak louder than words and a business profile with no logo draws suspicion and will have suppliers questioning the legibility of your inquiries. Take a moment to upload the picture to ensure that your inquiries are not misinterpreted as spam.

  • Banner Image

The banner image further serves to ensure that you have high credibility. The information on your banner image is further assurance of your status as a serious buyer.

  • Official Website

Listing your company’s website if you have one ensures that your suppliers get to see who they are dealing with. This information is applicable to those who have an existing website set up. If you do not have one there is no need to get wound up trying to set up one. You still get to conduct your purchases without one.

  • Biography

This is the description of your store if you have one. This entails when you started and the products and services you offer. This is a great way for the suppliers to get to know more about you and your company and may even give a peek into what makes you stand out from other companies and buyers.

Once you have provided the information, you are ready to start the purchasing process.

Searching for Products

Once you have set up your account, it is time to find the right products and suppliers. The page has a search engine that lets you find the product or supplier that you may be looking for.

If you have a specific brand in mind, then you type the name of the product on the search bar. Once the brand has been typed, click the search button and let the results load. Once you have the results on the page, just check for the specific product that you need and click on it. This will show you the price of the product and the specific product description.

If you have the specific details in mind, then you have the opportunity to do an advanced search. Some of the specific details include; nicotine strength, flavor, bottle size, brand, and VG/PG ratio. These details allow you to find exactly what you are looking for without having to browse through every single general search result.

With products that have multiple suppliers, just click on the products that come up and check the prices on each. If you have made up your mind to get that product, then you click on the login to purchase link. Once you have entered the details on the pop up form, enter your email address and password. This will lead you to a page that will have the contact seller link. This link will put you in contact with the supplier and you get to negotiate the price that will be fair to both of you.

If you haven’t decided on which supplier to purchase from, you could always ask for quotes from multiple suppliers. In this case, click on the supplier of the type of product you would like to buy, for example; MODs, E-liquid, or even all providers if you are not looking for a specific product. This will give you a list of suppliers and all you have to do is click on the supplier link to take a look at the products or get in contact with them.

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