How To Vape & Inhale Vape Without Coughing

How To Vape & Inhale Vape Without Coughing

First time Vaping tips

So, you want to learn how to vape? It is now being proven that vaping is 95% better than smoking for your health, but to many, at first, it always seems over complicated. Don’t give up getting into vaping, this how to vape guide will help you with some first time vaping tips.

Vaping usually refers to the use of e-liquid in an electronic cigarette or vape pen device. In this form of vaping, the e-liquid can contain nicotine or not; it depends on the vaper. Before we can even discuss how to vape big clouds, lets first cover all the things you will need to be aware of. You always got to take into consideration that vaping can be easy or complex as you want it to be. To start off with, we still suggest that you use a simple vape pen device and then gradually work your way up once you know how to smoke an e cig properly.

Let’s look more closely at the different options that are available for first-time vapers. We are going to start off by looking into the different types of vape mods on the market today.


The cigalike is the smallest form of an electronic cigarette. It feels and seems like a real cigarette by the actual shape and look of them. They contain pre-filled e-juice and a heating coil in a small cartridge or cartomizer. They have no firing button at all; they are switched on by taking a drag on the end of the ecig. This is the closest experience you are going to get to mimic the effects of smoking a real cig.

Vape Pen

The vape pen  is something to consider if you are looking for vaping big clouds. They are more powerful and have a longer battery life. These can be filled up with your own e-juice. However, as they offer more of an enhanced vaping experience, they are also substantial.

E Cig Starter Kits

E-Cigarette Starter Kits come in a wide range of different combinations, usually, you will find various vape tanks and e cig mods together in one box that are sold on One thing they all have in common is they contain all the contents you will need to start vaping; the main difference usually is the brand.

E Cig Juice-

The e-juice is the part that sits in the glass tank and transforms from e-liquid to vapor when the vape coil heats up. They are the endless variety of greatly tasting vape flavors sold on Vapingzone that come in a various range of different nicotine strengths. Some common concentrations are 3, 6 and 12 MG. The higher the concentration, the less vapor you will need to take in to get the nicotine fix.

Before we discuss it further, you will need to be aware of what an atomizer is. Most of the clearomizer vape tanks and other vaping devices that have a refillable tank, require fitting a new coil head every week or so. These coil heads transform the e-liquid into vapor. These are quick and easy to install, you simply screw it into your tank. Priming the coil is one of the important aspect to consider in first time vaping tips, as you want the best possible vape flavor from your new coil and to minimise the likelihood of a dry burnt hit. Priming the coil is simple, pour a few drops of e-liquid directly into the centre part of the coil and fill your tank up allowing it to sit upright for 15 minutes. This will ensure that the cotton is nicely soaked up before use to get the perfect first time vape and avoid the taste of burning cotton. Not only that, you will also increase the lifespan and performance out of your atomizer.

Now it’s time to vape your e-liquid.

 Start off by unlocking or turning on the vape, this is usually done by clicking the fire button five times. Ensure that the vape pen is set onto the lowest setting around 25 watts to inhale vape without coughing for the first time.

Place your lips onto the top mouthpiece attached to the tank and take a drag while holding down the fire button instantaneously. Inhale the vape into your lungs, let go of the fire button and let the vapor come out. Congratulations on successfully taking your very first vape.

If you are not used to the sensation of vapor entering your lungs, it might feel a little weird at first, as it is hard to inhale vape without coughing when you are new to vaping. Don’t worry though, what you are experiencing is totally normal. Start with a lower wattage on your device for the first couple of days and take smaller hits. Then over the weeks, you can then turn up the wattage and take longer inhaling vape into your lungs to blow big vape clouds. You can play around with the adjustable airflow on the vape tank to see which works best for you.

Now that you can vape, there are two types of inhales in the vaping world. See which one you prefer?

1) Mouth to the lung is like how a regular cigarette smoker smokes. It’s a two-step process that involves the vapor to enter in the mouth and then into your lungs. This is usually done by the user on lower power wattages and tighter air flow settings.

2) Direct Lung hit is used when blowing big clouds, commonly used with sub ohm tanks. This is a one-step process which involves the vapor directly goes into your lungs. This is seen with big powerful vape mods that are designed for cloud chasing.


Now that you have learned how to vape, cleaning and maintenance is also another important aspect. Note: While changing the vape flavor; make sure to clean vape tank and other vape parts. Rinse them all in warm water and reassemble your tank back together. Remember not to clean the coil, as you can’t use the coil straight after a wash, this can damage the coil completely inside. Buy all the original vape gadgets, thousands of e cig flavors and e cig starter kits at VapingZone at affordable prices. For the latest vape juices and vaporizers, we recommend that you visit

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