So you’ve probably heard about vaping, and you are wondering if it’s an excellent alternative to cigarette or tobacco smoking. You might even have friends that are already using vaporizers, but you are still skeptical about the process. In this article, we are going to look at the advantages of vaping and how it’s better than smoking.

Vaping is changing the way a lot of smokers are going about their business, and it’s all due to the advantages that it has over smoking. While vaporizers are still a fairly recent innovation, they offer the same pleasurable experience that you get from smoking, but the thing is, they offer more than that. Let’s skip the talk and get down to the reasons why a lot of smokers are opting for vaping instead of traditional smoking.


It’s no longer news that smoking is very dangerous to human health. Vaping offers a much healthier and purer experience when compared to smoking. Vaporizers are designed to heat up cannabis to a point where the cannabinoids (cannabis compounds) are evaporated without actually burning the plant matter. As a result of this process, there’s no carbon monoxide in the vapor that’s released, neither is there tar nor other harmful toxins that are usually found in cigarettes and smoke.

Burning or smoking marijuana is very harmful to the human health due to the fact that during the burning process, the smoke created will contain about eighty eight percent of non-cannabinoid particles. This simply means that only a small fraction is actually smoked. During the combustion process, a large part of the cannabinoids are destroyed by heat and are replaced by harmful toxins.

On the other hand, when you make use of a vaporizer, the cannabinoid content is about ninety five percent with the remaining five percent being made of caryophyllene and PAH, which is a nontoxic essential oil usually found in cannabis and a lot of other plants. This basically brings us to the conclusion that when it comes to smoking, vaping is a lot healthier than traditional smoking.


This is another huge reason why a lot of smokers are switching to vaping. It is true that vaporizers have a huge initial cost, but in the long run, you’ll be saving a lot more than when you are smoking. There are a lot of statistics and studies that have proven this to be true. However, the total cost will depend on how much you smoke per day. According to a study carried out by Research Control in 2017, the average smoker takes about five cigarettes in a day. Now let’s break down the prices:

  • Smoking – In New York City, a pack of cigarettes, which contains twenty cigarettes, costs thirteen dollars. Now, let’s say a smoker buys 5 packs in a week, that’s sixty five dollars in a week, $260 in a month, and $3120 in a year. Assuming the person is a heavy smoker who smokes a pack a day, he/she will be spending up to $4368 in a year, while still risking their health.
  • Vaping – You can purchase an e-cigarette starter kit that you’ll be able to use for a whole year for $50. This happens to be the most expensive part of vaping, and why a lot of people seem to think it’s costlier than smoking. Now, once you have purchased your starter pack, you can buy a bottle of juice, which will last up to a week, for just $15. This brings you to a cost of $60 per month and $720 per year.

Looking at the breakdown above, it is easy to see that vaping allows you to save more when compared to smoking.


Simply put, vaporizers are discreet especially if the one you are equipped with is a vape pen. Since the smell doesn’t travel far and it doesn’t linger or stain, hiding a vape pen is quite easy if the need ever arises. You can also have a nice vape session in broad day light with no one to harass or disturb you. This is because a lot of pen vaporizers look exactly like e-cigarettes, which will make it difficult for people to notice what you are doing.


Cigarettes are designed in such a way that you get easily addicted to them. This is not so for vaporizers. According to recent studies, smokers who were of the belief that they could never quit smoking have been able to do so with vaping. Few months after switching to vaping, they found out that they could decide on when to take it and leave it. They were even able to abstain for longer periods of time. Most people prefer to vape given the fact that they could leave it anytime they want without causing a lot of risks to their health.


Vaping allows for flexibility. Unlike some other cannabis and smoking methods, a vaporizer provides you with the ability to control your dosage. It’s quite easy to reach the exact high you want. You’ll also be able to get the most out of your herb given the fact most modern vaporizer vaporize the herbs evenly without destroying it like the combustion process does.


Vaping does not produce the thick, clinging smoke that’s associated with combustion. The reason is that there’s no tar or any other chemical to make the smoke linger and cling to items such as clothing. Once you exhale the vapor, it disappears within seconds, and only those that are extremely close to you will be able to smell it for a brief moment. This simply means that your clothes and home will be free of smoke and you’ll also be able to do your thing anywhere with the smoke disappearing before anyone can notice it.

As you can see, there are a lot of cool reasons why vaping is changing smokers. With all of these distinct advantages, vaping is bound to revolutionize the use of weed for the better. You might be making an initial investment that looks costly, but in the long run, you’ll see that it’s an investment that’s worth every penny.

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