Marketing ideas for Vape Shops and E-Cig stores

Marketing ideas for Vape Shops and E-Cig stores

Double your sales with our guide to Marketing ideas for Vape Shops and E-Cig stores. In any industry, marketing is key. Marketing in the vaping world is challenging though as you are somewhat bound by limitations and regulations imposed by the government. For this reason it is important to put your entrepreneurial creativity to work in order to generate marketing strategies that will work for you to boost your success in the market. E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular within the past 10 years and some say that the market is saturated. It is for this reason that advertising and marketing is increasingly important. There are a number of Internet locales where you can advertise your vape business. Below are some low budget tricks of the trade when it comes to marketing your business. 

The biggest overheard in the vaping industry are the products you sell. With the overabundance of companies both on the web and in brick and mortar form who sell these products, it is essential to get the word out there that your company is the best choice. How do you go about doing this? Location, location, location. In this fast paced world, convenience underlines most decisions. Your location is distinct to your business, so it is important that you draw on this to create a unique niche for your business. There are many platforms and tools that provide location-based advertising, which can support you to reach all potential clients. Consider rating applications such a Yelp, Google and locale directors, which are all free options. To be clearer, when someone in your general vicinity is searching for a vape store in Google, they may type in their zip code or relative location. If your business is not registered on the net in this capacity you are losing out on a potential client. This also provides a venue where customers can leave reviews about your business. Another wonderful free option is Google Business, which allows you to register your business, allowing it to come up in search results on Google. You want to be searchable on the Internet as this is a sure fire way to drum up business. 

As a business owner you should have an understanding of what makes your customers different. In turn you will want to offer them something different. As noted, the market is relatively saturated so you will want to position yourself to stand out amongst the crowd. Perhaps you can tailor your business to become a specialty boutique. You want to make sure that all descriptions of your products are unique so they do not sound just the same as all the other generic sounding options out there. Figure out what makes your business different and tailor your market to reflect this. 

Once you determine what your niche is and how you will appeal to the unique desires of YOUR customers you have to begin building loyalty. Vaping is something people do on the regular, so it is inevitable that they will be coming back for more products. When you do have a new customer come through your doors offer them an incentive, which will entice them to come back to you over a competitor. One popular approach that really appeals to customers is a buy 5 get one free type of deal or a punch card which allows them to accumulate points towards free product. You can also make use of online loyalty building tools that will allows your customers to access e-coupons and gather loyalty points. 

There are also opportunities to make use of mobile and email marketing. Due to the young crowd who are vaping these days, this is a good market to tap into through the use of technology. Collect email addresses and phone numbers of your customers and allow them to opt into text messages or email updates. You can tailor your notifications through a variety of online applications, which will automatically send messages to your customers. Due to the world we live in now it is imperative that as a business you have an online presence. In order to maximise your online identity you should have a website. If you do not feel you are prepared to hire someone to design a website for you there are many options available which allow you to create your own website. At the very least make use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which are the primary social media platforms that most people use currently. These platforms can allow you to promote your business, post pictures, send updates to your followers and make posts about new occurrences within your business. These platforms can also assist you in building your brand and letting customers know how you are different from other companies. You can also use these platforms to have contests, offering discounts for product when people like your page or answer a question specific to your business. Contests can generate a lot of attention towards your business and they assist in getting people engaged online. When people like and share your business page they are likely to remember the name when it comes to purchasing new products. 

Ultimately in order to become successful in promoting your business you will want to remember that your customers are real people. They have made a conscious decision to give up smoking and there is likely a lot of emotional turmoil that has gone along with making this decision. As a business owner it is important to be aware of this. You are now providing products to a person who is managing what essentially is an addiction to smoking. When they come to you to purchase the best thing you can do to build loyalty is to treat them like a human being, listen to them and build rapport. Customers are more likely to return to you if they feel a connection.

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