Microdosing with CBD: Everything You Need to Know

Some people may choose to take one large dose of CBD a day. Others may choose to take several large doses when they feel as though they need the benefits. Then, there may be those who choose to take significantly smaller doses, so much so that it could prompt people to ask if they are even getting any benefits from the substance.

Believe it or not, microdosing is a thing in the CBD world. It is said to be an extremely effective way of getting your CBD benefits. To get a better grasp on the concept and to find out if this may be the right way to take your CBD, here is a brief but comprehensive guide on microdosing.


Microdosing is the process of taking smaller doses of CBD regularly rather than taking one large dose or several large doses throughout the day. As you may have heard in the past, different levels of CBD may provide different experiences for some people. The majority of the population may respond better to taking smaller doses throughout the day. This is why microdosing has grown so popular recently and is becoming one of the most recommended ways to take your CBD.

Why Microdose?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose to microdose. The first major reason why people make the switch is due to the fact that there is often a threshold to effectiveness when it comes to larger doses. When taking CBD, a plateau will eventually be reached. Once you reach this plateau, you are not going to reap any additional benefits by taking more of the substance.

With microdosing, you can identify this limit and then break it down over the day so that you get the full benefits you need and build it up in your system in an efficient way. We should also take into account that smaller doses are associated with energy while larger ones are associated with sedation.

There’s also another important aspect to microdosing: saving money! When you’re taking large doses constantly, you are going to run out rather quickly. As most users know, CBD products are not cheap and having to purchase new products constantly can be harsh on your wallet. Microdosing makes sure that you are only using the necessary amount when you need it so that you save both your CBD and your money.

How to CBD Microdose?

To begin microdosing your Cannabidiol, you first need to find the right microdose for you! The initial process may be a little grueling but once you muscle through it, you will know exactly how much you should be taking.

To figure out your required dose, take a few drops of CBD oil sublingually and add another drop each hour and record your results. The stronger the oi in mg doses, the less you can take. If you go the whole day without feeling anything, start the next day with the total of the previous day plus one drop. Once you begin to feel the desired effects, figure out how many drops you have had in your system over the past four hours and determine the milligrams of CBD in that amount. That is the best dose for you to take and you can begin microdosing using that amount approximately 2 to 3 times a day or every 4 to 6 hours. (Keep in mind that you can adjust this as you see fit.)


Although it would seem difficult to do, using your vape for microdosing is actually quite simple. Even though you may not be able to get an accurate reading of how many milligrams of CBD you are getting when you are vaping, you can always take a couple of hits from your vape throughout the day. That way you can see how you feel.

Measure the length of the pulls you are taking and apply that to your overall feeling or simply only apply a certain amount of CBD vape juice to your vape regularly so that you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD is in your vape at any given time.

Microdosing with CBD


CBD oil, like vape oil, can be hard to measure out but not impossible. Firstly, figure out how many milliliters of oil your dropper can contain. Then, figure out how many milligrams of CBD are in your bottle as well as how many milliliters. Then, divide the number of milligrams by the number of milliliters and you will get the amount of CBD per milliliter.

You can further break this down by the number of drops and then apply that to your overall dose limit. Once you have a fairly accurate measurement of how much you take in with your dropper, you can successfully microdose your CBD oil.


Microdosing is a simple, cost-effective way to take your CBD. If you are considering microdosing your CBD but aren’t sure where to start, begin your microdosing journey with this informational guide to the process.

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