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When considering writing for Motor Mouth make sure you know the difference between complex flavors. “The e-liquids of Motor Mouth Social Club are a treat for even the toughest to please palates. With combinations to vape on like Cuban cigar and whiskey, apple martini, and black licorice tobacco, there’s no shortage of creativity inside each bad to the bone “– Craft Vapery. All the e-Liquids are so good that you’re going to have to order more than one!

Flavors of Motor Mouth Social Club E-Liquid 

  • Motormouth has a deep, satisfying tobacco that is much described as having a primary flavor of tobacco and a secondary flavor of smooth Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Overall it’s a well-rounded e-Liquid.
  • Bad Apple has an addicting flavor of apples that tastes both like fresh apple but also tastes a straight up apple martini. “It’s ladies’ night, and this woman prefers her apple martini straight up delicious.” -Craft Vapery
  • Pierre Proof is a crisp, complex pear liqueur making it sophisticated as it is delectable. The primary flavor is tree fruits and liqueur.
  • Stay Gold (24k) is a tobacco vape with hints of black licorice and orange essence. “This blonde tobacco vape, accented with black licorice and orange essence, is pure gold.”- Craft Vapery. According to Craft Vapery

Motor Mouth SC raises the standard for all e-Liquid with its high-quality promise; you can be assured that Motor Mouth SC e-Liquids are some of the best out there. From the handcrafted e-liquid to the FDA standard.

Pros for considering Motor Mouth Social Club E-Liquid 

  • Can be confident that what you are getting is the best out there.
  • Nicotine goes up to 18mg which is satisfactory for vaper veterans.

o    Available in 0-18mg.

o    18mg has a throat hit at times.

  • Delectable e-Liquids from tobacco with licorice to apple martinis Motor Mouth SC has gone up to the next level.
  • Artistic label.

o    The Beautiful label that catches the eye of whoever sees it.

  • Raises the standard with it’s high-quality promises.

Cons of considering Motor Mouth Social Club E-Liquid 

  • All of Motor Mouth SC e-Liquid is modeled as alcohol

o    Apple Martini

o    Pear liqueur

o    Jack Daniels Whiskey

  • It might take a while to get used to the complexity of each e-Liquid

o    Remember to let it breathe for a day or so, so the complexity comes out full force and is more enjoyable.

My review on Motor Mouth SC e-juice would give it four stars only because some of the e-Liquid is too complicated for a beginner vaper. I would start on something that’s not so complex because it would be better for a beginner. The only thing that bothers me is that all the flavors have been discontinued on every online store so it would be extremely hard to get ahold of one of these e-Liquids and furthermore, they have low ratings on Craft Vapery.

Thank you to Craft Vapery being so nice as to send me a 30mL of my favorite Motor Mouth SC e-liquids and am looking forward to trying all the flavors.

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