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Do you have a hankering for donuts in the morning? Well look no further than Mr. Doughnut. Mr. Doughnut has a whole line of donut flavored e-Liquid that are catching on quickly in the vaping community.

Mr. Doughnut’s e-Liquid Flavor List

Choco Loco E-Liquid

  • A simple but tantalizing chocolate donut that does not disappoint for all you chocolate fans out there.

Strawberry Filled E-Liquid

  • The flaky goodness of a donut with bold strawberry taste. This is perfect for anyone who likes bakery flavored e-Liquid or fruit flavored e-Liquid. This strawberry donut flavored e-Liquid has an impressive taste that stands out for its boldness.

Glazzy E-Liquid

  • A creamy, buttery, melt in your mouth, traditional glazed donut experience unlike any other flavor profile you have ever had. This is the go-to for everyone who likes glazed donuts and is the icon of what a donut is. The flakiness, creamy dream liquid that everyone needs to try

Mango Blitz E-Liquid

  • A sweet and creamy mango flavored vape that highlights the flavor of the donut while giving way to the sweet flavor of tropical mango and finishing with just hint of cream on the exhale. Fruity and bold like you’ve never experienced a donut quite like this…or an e-Liquid.

Blueberry More E-Liquid

  • A spin-off of the original blueberry filled donut, tantalizing and tangy blueberries with a hint of vanilla on the exhale. Delicious yet simple, try a bottle today, you’ll be saying more please!

Mad Custard E-Liquid

  • A rich and bold approach to a popular custard filled donut that starts as a sugary plain donut and finishes with a luxurious, creamy custard that lingers on the tongue slightly. A truly divine marriage of flavors that complement each other and create a memorable custard crème filled donut.

Pros For Buying Mr. Doughnut’s e-Liquid

  • Not messy or sticky like the real thing while tasting identical.
  • Unique flavor profiles that dare to go where no dessert e-Liquid has gone before.
  • No calories.
  • Not as expensive as some brands of e-Liquid are.
  • Has high quality standards that will make you sure that every liquid is done right and that it meets the FDA standards of safety.

Cons For Buying Mr. Doughnut’s e-Liquid

  • Not a real life donut, but then again did I mention the 0 calories?
  • Donut have the fruity, lively Mango Blitz flavor at KrispyKreme’s which is a disappointment seeing as mangos are my favorite fruit.

Mr. Doughnut has a wonderful set of unique e-liquids that are taking over the e-Liquid market with their unique approach to a traditional breakfast favorite; donuts. What is so unique about them is the fact that they’ve never been made into e-Liquid until Mr. Doughnut decided it was time to do something about that. It is truly amazing how passionate they are about their e-Liquids which are handcrafted batch by batch to ensure the quality of their products are high enough to surpass the industry’s FDA standards. They set out to make a bold statement and now they have achieved not only making a bold statement but being a pioneer in the vaping industry.

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