Mr. Taffy e-Liquid Review

Mr. Taffy e-Liquid is a combination of cherry, strawberry, and orange that will bring you back to your childhood days. It is far from ordinary and fruit flavored e-Liquid.  It comes in e-Liquid up to a nicotine strength of up to 12mg.

Flavor profile of Mr. Taffy e-Liquid

  • Mr. Taffy e-liquid will rock your world with an explosion of fruit flavors take you on a journey you are not soon to forget. What is so unique about Mr. Taffy is that the fruit flavors hit you all at once instead of each character. You can distinctively taste each fruit though and discern which is which.

Pros of Mr. Taffy e-Liquid

  • A delicious explosion of flavor that will leave you desperate for more.
  • This e-Liquid makes huge clouds due to the 80/20 ratio.
  • A beautiful pink and red label that fits the bold flavor profile that Mr. Taffy has.

Cons of Mr. Taffy e-Liquid

  • Very thick, syrupy liquid due to its 80 percent VG content that makes it harder to vape because more viscous VG rich liquids require more wattage to vape right.
  • Not much is known about the brand Mr. Taffy, and there is only one flavor of it out right now.
  • It is on the more expensive side of e-Liquids at 18$ for a 30mL bottle
  • Not much information is available on this brand.

This brand has an amazing flavor of e-Liquid that will take your taste buds by storm with it’s fruity, intense flavor. It is a high VG liquid, so it takes a higher wattage to vape due to its consistency. It is a very syrupy e-Liquid. I would highly recommend trying it at least once, even though I do not see this as being able to become an all-day vape.

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