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Ms. Sweets is a United States vape company out of Long Beach, CA that creates sophisticated and deeply complex e-Liquids that are made from the finest ingredients to celebrate in life’s finest moments. The products they produce.

Ms. Sweets USA E-Liquid Flavors

  • High Society E-Liquid

    • A delicious mixture of tart, tropical kiwi with hints of real cream and gooey marshmallow center. This e-Liquid produces medium clouds and has a 60/40 VG/PG ratio and just a mild throat hit.
  • Mile High Club E-Liquid

    • Ripe watermelon and tantalizing lychee create this blend of juicy, fruit flavored e-Liquid. Get swept away and ready to have your head in the clouds with this one.
  • Bad Honeymoon E-Liquid

    • A strawberry cupcake flavored e-Liquid that tastes of juicy strawberries and smooth cupcake that comes together to make the perfect dessert e-Liquid. It produces high amounts of vapor with a low, almost non-existant throat hit.
  • GQ Lounge E-Liquid

    • An innovative new approach to a classic favorite, this new peaches and cream recipe is the perfect addition to your rotation. What makes this peaches and cream dessert so different is that it is topped off with tart raspberries. It tends to produce a large vapor production like all of the Ms. Sweet’s e-Liquids due to the 60/40 mixture and has a medium throat hit that is satisfying but not too overpowering.
  • Guerilla Food E-Liquid

    • An intensely smooth dessert experience, freshly baked banana nut bread with a swirl of cinnamon that will make you savor every bit of this delicious classic. It produces less clouds but stronger flavor, leaving nothing to imagination about this favorite

Pros of Ms. Sweets USA E-Liquid

  • Sweets delivers 5 different unique and outstanding flavors, none too overwhelming than the next.
  • You won’t have to sacrifice flavor for calories.
  • Most of Ms. Sweet’s e-Liquids produce a large amount of vapor, you won’t have to sacrifice clouds for flavor, or flavor for clouds.
  • Mild to moderate throat hits are common amongst Ms. Sweet’s products.
  • Beautiful packaging, you can really see how much care and devotion goes into their work.

Cons of Ms. Sweets USA E-Liquid

  • Some of their flavors are so complex that you don’t really get to appreciate all the components for the e-Liquid. Beginners might get confused with the flavors due to the fact they are still developing a skill.
  • A little pricey at 17.99$ for a 30mL bottle.
  • Most of the products are dessert e-Liquids minus a few that mix the flavor of alcohol into the mix. They aren’t for everyone, but I can see how some of them might could turn into an All-Day-Vape.

My final thoughts on this brand of e-Liquid is that Ms. Sweet’s e-Liquid is one of the most luxurious brands of e-Liquid on the market right now and deserve a little bit of spotlight if for nothing else than the reason of how much work goes into crafting their products. The complexity of the different layers of flavor is a nice change and they aren’t overwhelmingly sweet, but in between with just enough sweetness to complete a well-rounded vaping experience. If you haven’t tried this brand, you’re missing out on a wonderful experience.

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