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Mt Baker Vapor is the number one store for all electronic cigarette needs. They are dedicated to giving you the very best e-Liquid and electronic cigarettes. While they focus on competitive products, they innovate their own and have timely shipping and out-of-this-world customer service. Mt Baker Vapor has come a long way from its beginnings in Bellingham, WA when it was opened in March of 2011 by James Thompson and Jessie Web. Since the company started in 2011, James and Jesse have hired over 150 employees.

Here are some of the e-Liquids that Mt Baker Vapor carries;

  • Banana Cream Pie E-Liquid

o    Tastes like banana cream pie with undertones of custard and fresh bananas, and hints of nuts and graham cracker crust for only 7.99$ for a 30mL bottle that carries from 3mg to 24mg of nicotine.

  • Beast Treats E-Liquid

o    Enjoy a blast of fruit on the inhale and a clouded candy sweetness on the exhale.

  • Berry Crunch Cereal E-Liquid

                o    is a delicious blend of sweet and tart berries with hints of milky goodness.

  • Blue Moo E-Liquid

o    A creamy muffin taste with notes of ripe blueberries and sweet, creamy pastries. It is one of their best-selling e-Liquids with a 5-Star review. David C. commented “Blue Moo sis awesome, my newest ADV” and Jamie B. said “I love blue moo. It’s sweet and creamy. I don’t really like a lot of juice flavors, but this one is perfect.”

  • Blueberry E-Liquid

o    Carries the tartness of blueberries on a sultry afternoon. The sweetness of blueberry will take you back to the porch swing where the sun shines on your face. Personally, I’m not a huge blueberry fan, but Mt Baker Vapor got it just right.

  • Butterscotch E-Liquid

o    Great e-Liquid that vapes a classic Butterscotch taste. It is deliciously sweet and to the point. Offers buttercream blend. I, myself, happen to love rich and creamy e-Liquids and I can tell you that this one surpasses 98% of them.

  • Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid

o    One of the best selling e-Liquids that Mt Baker Vapor has is Cinnamon Roll. It’s a traditionally delicious sweet dessert vaping experience, with just the right amount of cinnamon and frosting. WARNING: This flavor has been reported to damage plastic tanks so please keep that in mind if you buy this product.

  • Cinnatoast Munch E-Liquid

o    Captures the flavor of everyone’s favorite breakfast cereal. It has undertones of vanilla for extra sweetness.  Cinnatoast Munch pairs well with a nice, hot cup of coffee or as a tasty after-dinner treat!

  • Why you should buy Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid

o    Affordable price at only 7.99$ per 30Ml bottle.

o    Offers a stronger hit of nicotine up to 24mg that would satisfy any nicotine dependency.

o    Has Innovative, complex profiles that include ingredients from all over the world.

  • Con of buying Mt Baker Vapor e-Liquid

o    24mg gives you a hard throat hit, especially if you are new to vaping.

Mt Baker Vapor is one of the most satisfying dessert contenders that comes in many different e-Liquids. I enjoyed most of them except the blueberry threw me off a bit. Overall, very nice customer service and wonderfully fast shipping. With a price at 7.99$ a 30mL bottle, you get a bang for your buck. Don’t think that just because an e-Liquid is cheaper means that it’s of poor quality. I would recommend getting a sampler back before exploring just the plain e-Liquid. So do yourself a favor and indulge yourself in one of these awesome flavors for a wonderful, tasty treat that your taste buds will love you for it.

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