Mt Pocono Vapes e-Liquids Review

Mt Pocono Vapes e-Liquids are masterfully crafted by the Pocono family from Pennsylvania and are made with only the best quality ingredients. Mt Pocono Vapes are one of the most popular e-Liquids made in the USA. They use a 50/50 ratio of VG/PG to balance out the details of their products and make each e-Liquid in small enough batches so as to guarantee the consistency and quality of each of their products.

Flavors of Mt Pocono Vapes e-Liquids

  • 555 e-Liquid

o    A rich complexity of dark chocolate with hints of dark tobacco.

  • Apple Pie e-Liquid

o    A traditional tasty treat with the flavors of warm baked apples dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar with a light taste of crust.

  • Banana Cream e-Liquid

o    A heavenly mixture of bananas with a smooth, light touch of cream.

  • Banana Foster e-Liquid

o    A scoop of creamy homemade vanilla ice cream with alternating layers of brown sugar and banana that sets this flavor apart from the rest.

  • Berry Crunch e-Liquid

o    A blast of breakfast cereal taste making this flavor a playful, delicious vape that will take you back to your childhood of Saturday morning cartoons.

  • Black Cherry e-Liquid

o    An extraordinarily delicious e-liquid that is a simple, no-nonsense, fresh cherry experience.

  • Black Cherry Berry e-Liquid

o    An interesting take on black cherry that isn’t for everyone but to the ones that enjoy it, it has become a splendid all day vape. It’s a number 1 best seller!

  • Black Cherry Berry V2 e-Liquid

o    A sweet and creamy twist on the first black cherry berry that is much sweeter and is a strong cherry and cream combination.

  • Blueberry e-Liquid

o    A simple blueberry e-Liquid which is bursting with juicy flavor.

  • Blue Razz Cotton Candy e-Liquid

o    The sweetness of cotton candy mixed with a delicious blue raspberry flavor. Let the carnival come to you!

  • Bluestraca e-Liquid

o    A delicious blueberry, strawberry, and cream that is a perfect dessert and pairs with breakfast wonderfully.

  • Boss Berries e-Liquid

o    Heavenly mix of white chocolate and mixed berries that intensifies with each exhale.

  • Cotton Candy e-Liquid

o    Sugary pink cotton candy flavor with no mess!

  • Cheesecake e-Liquid

o    Smooth, delicious cheesecake that complements most fruit flavors including strawberries.

  • Cherry Cola e-Liquid

o    A delicious old-fashioned cola drink with a hint of cherry.

  • Citrus Punch e-Liquid

o    A bright, uplifting citrus punch that combines lemon and lime among other citrus to make a great eye-opening vaping experience.

  • Country Custard e-Liquid

o    Sweet and straightforward custard flavor.

Pros of Mt Pocono Vapes e-Liquid

  • Has both simple, straightforward flavors as well as complex flavors as well.
  • Has up to 18mg of nicotine.
  • Carefully crafted to ensure quality.

Cons of Mt Pocono Vapes e-Liquid

  • Complex flavors are a bit muddled tasting to me.
  • The labeling is cheaper than a lot of other brands that I’ve looked at, seems like they rushed a bit.

I would have to say that overall the Pocono family outdid themselves. They have unique and diverse flavors that can satisfy even the pickiest vapers out there. Whether you want complexity or simplicity, this brand is the way to go. Check out their products because you won’t be disappointed. 

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