Mumford Juice Co Premium E-Liquid Review

Mumford Juice Co.’s purpose is to deliver premium e-liquids with a cause. They try to provide the best quality they can and devote themselves to helping save animals at the same time. Mumford Juice Co. donates 5% of the profits that they make to animal charities. They have three different delicious combinations of e-Liquids. Mumford Juice Co. is out of Southern California and uses only the finest ingredients that come from within the U.S.A. and never uses any sort of animal products in any of their e-Liquids including the flavoring because they believe in trying to make the world safer and more beautiful.

Mumford Juice Co Premium E-Liquid Flavors

  • Shake E-Liquid

o    A vibrant sweet and tart green apple e-Liquid that has a secondary flavor of sour apple candy making it a delicious and mouthwatering experience that you’ll surely adore.

  • Drop E-Liquid

o    A tasty, warm explosion of blueberry coffee cake that makes a great vape in the morning with breakfast or a snack between meals and the flavors on their blend in complete harmony with each other. It is a #1 best seller in the Mumford Juice Co.’s lineup and #10 best seller in SAVEURvape e-Juice.

  • Playtime E-Liquid

o    An indulgent lemon pound cake with swirled raspberry drizzle that has just a little bit of a tang and a satisfying sweet twist on cake with the raspberry drizzle making it a flavorful and fun e-Liquid.

Pros of Mumford Juice Co Premium E-Liquid

  • They donate 5% of all earnings towards helping save animal lives and trying to make the world a better place.
  • Deliciously crafted e-Liquids from dessert flavors to a fruity green apple.
  • High VG ratio means thicker, more satisfying clouds.
  • Up to 12mg of nicotine and comes in only one size: 30mL bottles.
  • Cute and catchy labeling
  • Comes in a glass bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap.

Cons of Mumford Juice Co Premium E-Liquid

  • They only make three flavors to choose from, so there isn’t a lot of variety available by them.
  • 30/70 PG/VG ratio makes it harder to vape without using a sub-Ohm setup.
  • Only up to 12 mg of the nicotine which makes it middle-strength.
  • Only comes in 30mL bottles and is pricey at $20.00 per 30mL.

I am pleased to know that this company cares about animals and the environment and not just the money they get from sales. The fact they do donate makes me want to buy their e-Liquid so much more than I would if they weren’t donating to charity. The packaging and cute playfulness of their bottle design are another plus for me; you can tell they have put a lot into making a quality product from just the labeling. The taste is a whole different ballgame. I love the fresh green apple in their e-Liquid Shake. It is light and crispy and also my favorite flavor in almost anything as long as it doesn’t have a nasty artificial taste. I could see Shake being part of my rotation and an ADV for me because it is so delicious. I highly recommend getting yourself a bottle of this brand and supporting their cause.

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