Must Vape e-Liquids Review

Must Vape e-Liquids is an e-Liquid company out of Los Angeles, CA. They make astonishing and incredible juice that is smooth and unique. Must Vape started in April 2013 and has been praised numerous times by the vaping community as a high-quality e-Liquid company. Must Vape crafts complex and delicious flavors that will make you wonder how you ever vaped anything else. Must Vape e-Liquids refuse to make a product that is anything lower than pure excellence. Must Vape makes astounding flavors that you are sure to love.

Must Vape e-Liquids Flavors

  • Walrus

o    A truly exquisite blend of fruity, refreshing flavor that tastes of luscious strawberries and watermelon that has a hint of mint to round out this delicious vaping experience. It’s a fragrant, bright e-Liquid that’ll awaken your senses and keep you coming back for more.

  • Pencil

o    An incredible dessert vaping experience that is smooth and mild enough to be an ADV without being too rich. It is by far the most delicious pear crisp dessert that has undertones of fresh, homemade ice cream, freshly ground vanilla beans, ripe pears, and a delicious, comforting buttery crumble to finish it all up. Its flavor complexity on top of a smooth creaminess makes this e-Liquid spectacular.

  • Imperial

o    A bold combination of traditional tobacco blended with silky caramel and buttery toffee to create a smooth, satisfying e-Liquid. It is tasty enough for new vapers but at the same time sophisticated sufficient for the veteran vapers out there. It makes a beautiful all day vape!

  • Handlebar

o    A refreshing, fresh approach to a fruity margarita that combines succulent peaches with delicious pineapple that gives this traditional drink a refreshing twist. There are light undertones of tropical fruit as well as a creaminess that makes this e-Liquid perfect for summer.

Pros of Must Vape e-Liquids

  • Delicious, unique combinations that enliven the senses and give you a break from the ordinary.
  • Only comes in 18mg nicotine strength which is perfect for people who need more nicotine.
  • All the flavors have raving reviews on how delicious and exciting their e-Liquids are.
  • 50/50 PG/VG content making the liquids not as hard to vape without sacrificing flavor and clouds.
  • Low prices and child-proof bottles just add to the reasons why you should be vaping this line of e-Liquids

Cons of Must Vape e-Liquids

  • 18mg can be a little overwhelming for beginners who are just starting out; the bottles come in 15mL and 30mL.
  • You get a complex e-Liquid that sometimes can be difficult for beginners to appreciate fully since they are just starting out, unlike seasoned veterans.
  • Glass bottles can easily break if you aren’t careful.
  • The product line for this company only has four different flavors, so there isn’t that much of a variety of flavors.

This company is spectacular with the work they dedicate towards their passion in making e-Liquids, and you can tell by the quality how much time goes into what they do. I can appreciate the complexity of each flavor from their product line and would recommend this brand mainly for more seasoned vapers since there is so much depth to these e-Liquids. I highly recommend giving them a try.

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