MY JUICY AFFAIR Premium E liquid

British promiscuity brought to you by MY JUICY AFFAIR E-Liquid - Buy at Our Online Vape Shop UK

MY JUICY AFFAIR is now available at our online vape shop UK. Pamela The Coilstar enjoyed her work life a little more than an average person, but not until she met Madam Cresswell, who introduced her to the vaping scene. Ever since this encounter, Pamela has begun to build coils like a pro and was soon noticed within the vaping society. Fame and recognition came later, nevertheless, she still takes occasional shifts at her old job.

Vaping is inherently a very intimate, personal and “sexy” activity. Whenever we try new eliquids, we either immediately fall in love with them and religiously remain faithful to them, hate them and stash the bottle away for a rainy day or at least pull a face an modestly say “I am not sure about this one” and instantly move on to the next e-liquid bottle. Vape liquid is similar to our personal human relationships, affairs or attractions. MY JUICY AFFAIR Signature E-liquid Collection was born out of this very idea. Our E-liquid Collection is not simply eliquid, but rather a vaping experience. Our imaginative seductive female characters is a figment of our imagination and symbolise our subconscious attractions.

We have visited many vaping exhibitions across the World, tried many interesting flavours and came up with an idea that vaping is more than blowing large clouds, it is a hobby that permeates every aspect of our lives. With this in mind, we have created MY JUICY AFFAIR Collection of seductive and capricious flavours that we hope to see in the cache of every connoisseur vaper.

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